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Pkhex for Sun and Moon Trainer ID


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to be clear,
the "6 digit TID" people see is a new type of calculation that only affects Pokemon caught in Sun/moon and beyond.

Transferred Pokemon will still have the old TID/SID.

Likewise, going by the "old standards", our games still have a TID/SID combo,
and the 6 digit combo is calculated based on the above formula Ispano described.

If you have  to make a Pokemon (let's say for a friend for example), it'll be best for them to you a Pokemon they caught,
so that you know the exact TID/SID.

Else, if you trade over a Pokemon, even with the correct OT name and 6 digits (G7TID),
if the TID/SID combo is wrong, it'll be treated as an outsider.

Also, in case if you're unaware,
hovering your mouse on top of a Pokemon's TID in PKHeX will show the G7TID.

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