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Cant import save file

Guest Taijem

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i was messing with pkhex and I imported my save on to pokemon moon it says "save data is not compaitble with this version so it cant be used" what do I do? can I restore my save

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Ok but I have no idea how to do that im new to this

You need to install SaveDataFiler. Once installed, hover over you the Title ID for Moon, And press R+X. The Secure Value should now be removed. Next, press Y to create a Save Data Backup. Now go to your sd card, You should now have a folder on the root of it called "filer". Open it and goto the "main" file. Edit however you want in PKHeX. Once edited, save it in the same location. Now go back into SaveDataFiler, and remove the Secure Value again, then, goto the SD section and import your save file. Remove the Secure Value again, an now your save should work.

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