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PKHeX's PC boxes


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Hi !

So first, I know that my suggestion will not be really related to PkHeX but well, I really want to ask / try because it's a feature i'd love to see added since PKHeX can now ready any saves from 1 to 6 Gen. As the title says, I'd love a 'little' option where we could store Pokemon in PC Boxes exclusive for PKHeX.

I'm a huge user of Trigger's PC, and I've to admit that i'm really addicted to it. And now it's quite difficult for me to play others gens (except 6G) because of the lack of a huge Pokemon Bank like. Of course, i'm not asking for any option (and not even editing Pokemon present in these boxes), this way people could keep interest for the real Pokebank / Pokemon Box / Trigger's PC for the 6Gen, if they want. Moreover there's no effective tool for Gen 1-2 and Gen 4 for people playing with saves.

It'd be really nice to have an universal PC storage like this. For exemple i deal with a LOT of saves and pokemon files, and this way i could keep every pokemon file in one place to put them where I want after in my main saves, or just make a collection of them.

And this way, we could have a place to store all pokemon in the case if we have a HUGE db folder (yes it's my case OTL)

I know it's not the purpose of PKHeX, but it's the only tool with Gen 1-6 save reading, and could be really helpful for many players.

Thanks for reading !

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CTRL-D (Database) is your friend. Dump the Pokémon you want, then they'll show up in the database.

Just run searches to find what you need, no boxes since people can have collections >10k. No need to organize or clone, everything is just data!

If you have a ton of Pokémon dumped, it'll take a while to read all the files from your hard drive. You can always open two instances of PKHeX and drag&drop between, or use the box viewer to transfer between boxes in the same save file.

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Hi !

I'm sorry, you are right with the Ctrl + D tool but I still have two suggestions for this ? I've asked this because I was not able to open it with my old computer but i've tried with the same database with my new PC and I've to admit it's really nice.

- Any possibility to create subfolders in the db folder in order to be able to make some category ? Because for exemple, i'm doing mass breeding, mass SHiny Hunting, RNGing, did some rom hacking etc, I'd love to have a FIRST filter with folders (you open the Ctrl+D and you can choose which folders you want to see) ? This way I could organize better my pokemon files (Almost 30k of files from download + personnals saves) and this way it could deal with old computers by loading what I really need ?

- And one i'd love for this is the possibilty to drag from the Database into the Boxes (or from the Boxes to the Database) rather than having to write it to the db or to do "view => set" ? I mean like we can do with 2 PkHeX and drag&drop ?

Thank you for the answer !

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