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help Not saving EV+IV + More problems


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So i did some changes on a Pokemon Black 2 save, i used pokegen to complete the pokedex and to change the ev and iv and the nature of a pokemon, and its gender.

so after that i saved the file as a .dsv file, which replaced the existing .dsv file (im using an emulator) but when i loaded the game, it loaded like there was no save file.

after that i tried to save the file as an .sav file and load a battery from the emulator which did loaded the save file. but after that i noticed, it didn't changed everything. it did made a complete pokedex, but it didn't changed the pokemon i was editing. after that i tried to edit the pokemon with a different editor and it did changed the iv, ev, nature, gender and everything i wanted to change on that pokemon. but now its problematic since that editor that worked isn't working on heart gold and soul silver which i want to edit on.

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