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Breeding Beldum

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I'm trying to breed Beldum for IVs and for a specific nature. I want to breed Beldum so I can evolve it into the very powerful Metagross. In trying to breed them I discovered that Beldum can't breed with each other!!!:mad: So I tried using a Ditto. This worked fine, but in order to increase the odds of getting the nature I want, the Ditto has to have that nature and must hold an Everstone. So I thought that I would breed Dittos until I got one with the nature that I want. Then I discovered Dittos can't breed with each other!!!:mad: I've run out of ideas. I don't know how I should proceed. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If you have, how did you get around this? What is the most effective and efficient method to breeding Pokemon like this? I know this is a lengthy post. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and give me their advice.

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You could always try using a Synchronizer to catch a Beldum/Ditto of the right Nature. Or if you'd like, I have an Adamant Ditto, and could breed you an Adamant Beldum (if that is the Nature you are going for).

I believe there are RNG abuse techniques for getting the right Natures and IVs as well, if you are into that sort of thing.


Beldums have a catch rate of 3, which means one would take the same time as you took to catch your Giratina...

Not to mention that friggin' Sandstorm eating away at your Pokémon, and the fact that Beldum only knows Take Down, leaving it viable to knock itself out. Beldum is, without a doubt, the most annoying Pokémon to catch EVER.

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Actually, having the Beldum holding the Everstone would have no effect. In matters of Everstone breeding, only the "mother" can pass its nature. In normal breeding, the female pokemon is the "mother." But when using a Ditto, it is always the "mother," so the Ditto would have to have the correct nature.

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