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PalPark Country: UK/US/AU, Korea


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Because they were probably palparked from one of those four countries.


no i palparked from them from my ruby uk to my diamond uk...

every pokemon i palparked is: PalPark Country UK/US/AU, but every Zigzagoon

i palparked become UK/US/AU, Korea

why add Korea?

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"no" ?!?

I think you mean "yes."

UK is included in the list of UK/US/AU, Korea.

So when you palpark using a UK game, it gives you trashbytes.

UK/US/AU and Korea all have the same trashbyte system, that's why they're grouped together.

i have the same problem for each, Articuno, Zigzagoon, Alakazam and Metagross palparked

if it's french become French Korea if it's German become German Korea etc...

in add if rename any pokemon in Articuno it's ad Korea

I don't understand this...

maybe it's a bug of legal exe

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