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Pokesav Platinum editing bug?


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So, I was editing some simple stuff for my friends the other day and came across some problems.

Firstly, I dumped someones save file so that I could get the .pkm of a Bidoof obtained from the GTS that looked like it might be one of those events. When I opened the save in the editor, the following things happened:

1. The party was MISSING three Pokemon, including the Bidoof.

2. Boxes 4 through 10 were wiped and set to the same wallpaper.

Secondly, I dumped another friends save file to change some nicknames around for them. Oddly, nothing seemed wrong about the boxes or Pokemon this time, so I thought nothing of it. However, after I had finished making the changes and reapplied the save to his cart, the wierd stuff happened. Some of the Pokemon I had nicknamed were as though they hadn't changed, others had vanished completely, and others were nicknamed and duplicated in the box about five or six times. I tried reapplying the save again after some other minor changes, and less wierd behavior happened, though it still refused to nickname some Pokemon even though I clearly changed them in the editor.

Anyone else had wonky behavior like this?

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