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answered problem with rom decrypting

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make sure u are using the latest version https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DS you can find here

if the precompilled version keeps crashing you can always download visual studio and get the free version from the microsoft website

and download the source code and open the PK3DS.sln in visual studio

the tool works perfectly for me

http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?44950-pk3DS-XY-ORAS-ROM-Editor-amp-Randomizer maybe this can help too

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how i can decrypt my rom with rxtools? i test it but i don't got a decryptet rom. and the most times i only get 0 files :/

You have to use the slot0x25KeyX.bin, the firmware.bin(rxTools practically gives you that) and the .dat launcher. Then you use the QR code to launch the exploit and go to decrypt. Find the game you want to decrypt and click on generate the xorpads. Done.

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okay i decrypted with a diffirent tutorial but now i have the next problem i must have a decrypted rom without any updates. i deleted the updates from my 3ds but my 3ds crash every time on the 3ds load screen. how can i decryped a non updated game? what i must do diffirent? what i must deleted?

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