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  1. Sorry I seem to not follow with all the post. anyway My situation now: so as of this moment, I have a NDSXL 9.5 firmware with no Pokemon Shuffle, and another 3dsXL Up to date firmware that has pokemon shuffle installed. What can I do to be able to use unlimited coins and hearts?
  2. Can anyone post a Wifi Trade and Battleable Fly and Surf all in 1 Pikachu or Raichu pk6 file?
  3. Which of these Ribbon and Medal can i use safely? or another words, which are the event ribbons that i should not touch? or i can choose
  4. Hi. unfortunately I lost all my book marks! I saw a post before of all 6th Gen Event pk6 file. can any kind soul help me find that post!
  5. Requesting Hackmon for Battle Manson!! (Qr or Pk6 file!)
  6. Question, I got my pcdata.bin from Omega Ruby, Can i Pc in it at Alpha Saphhire? will it ruin my game? trainner name, item cash and so on so on?
  7. I tried putting the .dll file in the same folder where my PkHeX is, its still not working. which exact folder address should i put it in or do i need to run the .dll? sorry I'm a computer idiot!
  8. Everytime when i finishing making my pokemon, I press the QR button and this message shows up! how to fiX please!! I tried save it as a file and read it in Lunacookie, no problem!! and I can wonder trade that pokemon i made! why cant i press QR in PkHeX! Thanks in advance!
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