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(CYBERGADGET) Error while downloading the decrypted save. HELP!


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I'm trying to use CyberGadget and run Pokemon OR with advance mode.

But I keep getting (error while downloading the decrypted save). Anyone having the same issue? Is there a possible fix to this?


Getting the same error right now and, judging it's past 3am in Japan, I believe their server must be down to maintenance or something.

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Same problem. It let me connect and download the file once, then when I was working in PKHeX it lost connection again and I couldn't save. Now the error just keeps coming back up. I've already tried to uninstall so I'm highly doubting it's a problem on my end. Never had any issues before either.

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As per startup, it is currently showing this update message, dated today, the 25th (in Japan):




In super-short: There is some server trouble, it's in progress.

So, just hold out and wait for a new message or for things to just start working (of course it could be several days, since it takes time to fix problems. May be done in the next few minutes, for all we know.). Fortunately, the newly-found Browser Method does work regardless, so if for some reason you are desperate to Gen right away, that option is still available.

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Hey-first time poster. For the last 2 days I have tried to use my Cyber Gadget to edit some Pokemon and its just not working. The loading of "Processing Save Data" bar is taking ages then a pop up appears saying "Error While Downloading The Decrypted Save".

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Well I too had been encountering this.

I found that if you have a lot of processes going on in the background, it slows down your connection and makes connecting to the server more difficult and end up with error messages.

When connecting to the server, try and have as least amount of traffic as possible, i.e no downloads, no netflix open etc

Either that, or the servers are just really busy :smile:

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