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Get PKHex to work on Linux using Wine.


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I figured out how to get PKHex working on Linux using Wine and thought I would share my info.

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit using the stock repo version of Wine.

First off you have a have a 32bit Wine environment which doesn't seem to be the default if your system is 64bit so you may have to move or delete your .wine directory.

All you have to do is run this command to setup Wine

WINEARCH='win32' winetricks dotnet40

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I have no problems with fonts, I even just now tested by changing the UI language to all available ones and found no problems with any of them including all three options that that don't use the same alphabet.

I also found having a separate WINEPREFIX for this to be better so it has its own .wine directory due to finding other programs like keysav2 stopped working for me without the stock Wine settings.

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any way for this work with wine on mac!?

I don't have a Mac to know but I assume that it can as long as you can get winetricks to install dotnet40 which also needs to be in 32bit mode. I did a quick Google search and saw that winetricks does exist for Mac

^^^^ Please let me know, it just freezes at loading screen for me!

That is exactly the same problem Linux had before this fix so Mac should only need the same.

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I can successfully open PKHEX on my mac but, when I was trying to change the IV and EV numbers, it can't be changed, it's all messed up, so why could that happen. Thanks

That seems strange I don't gen Pokemon (just look around my save and inject wonder cards) but I just tested it on mine without that problem. You may want to ask in the Mac thread but I had never heard any Mac users complaining so it may be a unique problem to you.

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