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12/17/14 - New Update:

- Fixed: DexNav levels saving to species-1.

- Fixed: EXP growth accessing the wrong exp table.

- Fixed: Dragout sprite update triggering errors.

- Changed: Gen4 Encounter Type will only appear for Pokemon that originate from Gen 4.

- Fixed: Item Sprites white backgrounds / lacking.

Hotfixed: Chinese&Korean Country/Regions being swapped.

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  • 3 weeks later...

01/01/15 - New Update:

- Added: Powersaves decryption via xorpads.

- - After Using the Powersaves code-decryption method on a FF'd save file, simply rename the powersaves backup to include the word "xorpad".

- - Place the xorpad in either the same folder as PKHeX or in the same folder where you will load the powersaves from.

- Added: Loading of manually decrypted ORAS Powersave. Thanks Leanny!

- Added: Alt Clicking the Open Temp folder will open the savedatafiler folder if it exists.

- Added: Viewing of the second daycare in ORAS; click anywhere in the groupbox to trigger the switching code. Thanks Leanny!

- Added: More verbosity to Box Report.

- Improved: Data loading speeds (boxes, etc).

- Improved: PKRS information will only appear if it has been infected/cured; checkboxes to alter are still always visible.

- Fixed: Pumpkaboo form names. Thanks Pkmnninja!

- Fixed: Checksum detection should now trigger when loading pkx files. Oops.

- Fixed: Translation shouldn't error out if the translation file is malformed.

- Fixed: All Encounter Types now appear (refactoring oversight). Thanks sunao!

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1/11/15 - New Update:

- Fixed: X/Y xorpad auto-loading/decryption now works instead of causing the program to freeze.

- Fixed: Glass (Colored) Flutes should now be in the proper pouch. Thanks SoujiSeta!

- Fixed: Super Training copying too much and erroring out. Thanks SoujiSeta!

- Fixed: Mono compatibility fix for inventory data editing. Thanks SoujiSeta!

- Fixed: Deleting Wondercard recieved flags will actually save. Thanks ifyfg!

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1/25/15 - New Update:

- Added: PK6 Distribution Super Training flags. Still have to unlock the missions ingame with wondercards. Thanks SciresM!

- Added: Box Import functionality for (future) use with the spider web exploit.

- Added: "All Files" export filter to the [save File] main menu option.

1/25/15 - New Update (2):

- Fixed: Boxes are now always initialized with encrypted empty slots (for those without loaded saves).

- Changed: Export Box descriptive text to be more obvious on what it was exporting. Access by clicking on the Save Manipulation label above Export SAV.

Edited by Kaphotics
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1/28/15 - New Update:

- Added: Save editing for retail games. Load ramsav.bin and export with Export SAV button in the SAV tab.

- - Change the target RAM binary by holding shift while exporting.

- Fixed: PKRS display logic should now behave as intended.

- Changed: Gender/Game changing in Trainer Info has been disabled (it's not a simple 'switch').

- Improved: Loading Box/Debug binaries will display the boxes if they are not visible.

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1/29/15 - New Update:

- Changed: ramsav detection to allow users to store backups with unique names. Be sure it contains "ram" in the file name!

- Fixed: Gen4 Egg Locations should now load for pre-GenV origin mons. Thanks Omicron!

- Fixed: Unown forms M & F won't alter the gender label. Thanks Favna!

- Fixed: ram2sav usage with X/Y after OR/AS and not deleting the OR/AS save before dumping X/Y (data past sav length). Thanks trainboy2019!

- Added: Symbol selection for OT/Latest Handler like for Nicknames; access changed to control clicking the TextBox. Thanks ProfShroomish!

- Changed: FindIndex hunting to account for rare ramsav types. Thanks Crowhogan33 for reporting and SciresM for fixing!

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2/1/15 - New Update:

- Fixed: Characteristics now match those ingame (EC%6 instead of PID%6). Thanks JubalTheLion!

- Fixed: A few Exceptions with loading have been corrected (bad initialization).

- Fixed: Splash screen image no longer tiles for some systems with a larger scale.

- Fixed: Source code recompiling will no longer cause the program to text-translate improperly. Thanks Slashmolder!

- Fixed: Box Report 3DSRegion and Language no longer shows the index number; just the text. Thanks Kaisonic!

- Fixed: Ingame Fonts should no longer cause the program to crash when being drawn (FontFamily will no longer be GC'd).

- Changed: Special Characters are now accessible by Control Clicking within the TextBox.

- Added: Ingame font to Trainer and Hall of Fame windows.

- Added: Deletion of Hall of Fame Entries (except First Clear), and Deletion of Favorite Secret Bases.

- Added: Loading of multiple Wondercards via Drag & Drop.

- Added: Boot Status to help debug some users being stuck on the splash screen.

- Added: Event Constant editing to Event Flag window.

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3/1/15 - New Update:

- Added: QR Code Generation; click "QR!" and a QR window will appear with a scannable image. Requires an active internet connection.

- Added: QR Code to Tabs; hold ALT when clicking "QR!" after copying the URL of the QR to your clipboard (CTRL-C). Requires internet.

- Added: Decrypted Battle Video scraping for ek6 data; battle stats are not kept.

- Added: ramsavs can now be loaded in the Event Flag Editor's FlagDiff researcher.

- Added: Nature stat +/- on hover of Nature ComboBox (arrow). Thanks swarley!

- Added: Box Data Report now shows level and the proper Language/3DS region text will display. Thanks Kaisonic!

- Added: More Trainer Stat descriptions. Thanks codem8kr & Luciela!

- Fixed: Memory text prediction should no longer list the wrong text. Thanks Ceveth & evandixon!

- Fixed: Wondercard flags greater than 2047 will not be erroneously added to the received list.

- Fixed: Shedinja HP stat prediction should now properly show something not '1'.

- Fixed: Jellicent/Meowstic sprites now update properly and have their forms. Thanks Favna & sora10pls!

- Fixed: Xerneas sprite forms being inverted. Thanks trainboy2019!

- Fixed: CTRL+X will no longer close the program. Thanks forsureitsme!

- Fixed: Encounter Types are now included for uncommon Pt/HGSS types. Thanks The_RickyAll!

- Changed: Checksum validity checking disabled for ramsavs.

- Changed: ID numbers with a prepended Zero will not be auto trimmed.

- Changed: Window sizing for mono compatibility on Inventory and other editors. Thanks SoujiSeta!

- Changed: Chinese Translation text improved. Thanks piva223!

- Changed: ' will be replaced with the ingame ’. Thanks supercarotte!

- Hotfix: Changing ID/SID & Gender will refresh the preview.

- Hotfix: Opening the program via a loaded pkx/ekx will properly load the Species/Language. Thanks rskoopa!

- Hotfix: Importing QR! will copy all ribbons / nonMain data. Thanks hiten!

Edited by Kaphotics
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4/4/15 - New Update:

- Added: Hidden Power selection drop-down. Changing the selection will modify the IVs appropriately.

- Added: Showdown/Smogon import (copy text, control click Species label).

- Added: Wondercard QR exporting/importing (alt-click). No editing is supported.

- Added: Opening a Wondercard in the main window (via File->Open or Drag&Drop) will open the Wondercard UI, no save file needed.

- Added: Portuguese language and capability for more languages in the future if necessary. Thanks Sharinflan!

- Fixed: Clicking OT with an ORAS savegame loaded will load the OT/Region data to the tabbed Pokémon (XY already worked).

- Fixed: Changing Countries with certain SubRegions selected will no longer error. Thanks FullLifeGames!

- Fixed: Add ORAS Items to Memory Item Usage List. Thanks liopds!

- Fixed: Trash Bytes now are no longer cleared when saving data. Thanks SciresM & Lunarcookies!

- Fixed: Re-ordered controls to make tabbing flow down the form. Thanks Favna!

- Fixed: Vivillon Form selection in the Trainer Info editor will now function with refactored code. Thanks KingGengar & Favna!

- Fixed: New PKRS capping code will now behave properly. Thanks Favna and evandixon!

- Changed: PKRS Days capped at legal limits.

- Changed: Forms drop-down and label will be hidden if a Pokémon has no forms.

- Hotfix: Changing the exe name to auto-load a language will now function properly. Thanks supercarotte!

- Hotfix: Wondercard QRs with non-held items will no longer error out. Thanks ShinyMeganium!

- Hotfix: Prevented export of Eon Ticket Wondercards via QR because extra data has to be altered in order for it to function.

Edited by Kaphotics
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  • 4 months later...

8/8/15 - New Update:

- Added: Korean Translation. Thanks cocoblue!

- Added: Can now copy current moves to Relearn Moves by clicking on the Current Moves groupBox.

- Fixed: Showdown Import made a little more flexible for non-exported sets (ie, user created with mistakes). Thanks Favna!

- Fixed: Showdown Import now recogizes even more edge cases. Thanks Odaxis!

- Fixed: Fill Dex now doesn't error out. Thanks ShaKage!

- Fixed: Characteristics should now display properly for all cases. Thanks fcugqx!

- Changed: The program now keeps track of the current box to mimic the ingame box system. Thanks codemonkey85!

- Fixed: Saving the current box will no longer cause black screens when saving on the Party / Battle Box tab. Thanks RustInPeace!

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9/20/15 - New Update:

- Added: Editing of the Daycare Egg RNG Seed. -

- Added: Exporting all Boxes now allows exporting to individual folders based on Box. Thanks suloku!

- Fixed: Importing pcdata/boxdata.bin now sets Pokédex flags. Thanks suloku!

- Fixed: Exporting all Boxes to a folder will no longer throw errors (Reverted string trimming method change). Thanks suloku!

- Fixed: Main Menu Open and Export Save will now navigate to the root of the 3DS's SD card (if it is inserted) and no SDF files are found. Thanks Odaxis!

- Fixed: Importing Trade Packets (from Nov'13-Dec'13) will now actually load the data.

9/7/15 - New Update:

- Fixed: Hidden Power ComboBox displaying the wrong Hidden Power Type. Thanks sora10pls!

9/6/15 - New Update:

- Fixed: Characteristics should now match what is displayed in-game. Thanks StarFisherX!

- Fixed: Inventory Editor's width can not be adjusted -- height still can be changed.

9/5/15 - New Update:

- Added: Auto-loading of SaveDataBackup saves on program start. Click the SAV: XXXX Label to manually trigger.

- Fixed: Showdown Importing with trailing spaces will now import properly. Thanks Favna & RustInPeace!

- Fixed: Added Korean Translation file. Thanks cocoblue!

Edited by Kaphotics
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The latest updates include a redesigned Wonder Card interface, a database browser, Converting Event Files (4th/5th/6th Gen), and a multitude of interaction improvements.

1/10/16 - New Update

- Fixed: Memory Feelings now save properly. Thanks chenzw95!

- Fixed: Map Z-Coordinate now saves properly. Thanks rocket0634!

- Fixed: Box Data Report levels now display properly. Thanks Blassie098!

- Fixed: Showdown EV Stat labels are now ordered correctly. Thanks Wanderer1391!

- Fixed: Setting of Eggs no longer destroys data and should modify correctly. Thanks StarFisherX!

- Fixed: Executable name less than two characters will no longer prevent startup of the program.

- Fixed: Glitchy QR code importing returning no data is now handled correctly.

- Changed: Multiple 'macros' are now accessible via the Main Menu ribbon.

- - SAV Exporting button moved to File->; old modifierkeys are now separate clickable options.

- - Database and Folder opening moved to Tools->

- - Box Dump/Load split into two options (no longer a prompt)

- Added: Full (and more intuitive) translation of the main window's MenuStrip via the translation files.

- Changed: Sprite generation (layering) is now faster.

- Shortcuts have been updated.

12/30/15 - New Update

- Added: Secure Value VIEWING in the SAV Tab (informational purposes).

- Added: Setting a Pokemon with DexNav count = 0 will increment by 1. Thanks Eskuero!

- Changed: Encrypting pk6 files is now marginally faster.

- Fixed: Transferring will remove HMs that are unable to transfer. Thanks Ahito95!

- Fixed: Transferring will now carry over Gender/AltForm 5->6. Thanks Ahito95!

- Fixed: Wonder Card filename suggestions will no longer contain illegal characters.

12/29/15 - New Update

- Added: PGF/PGT/PCD (Past Gen) Event Files can now be directly converted into pk6 files. Drop/Open the file and the information will be loaded to tabs.

- Fixed: Transferring 4th Gen Korean Pokémon will no longer skip converting OT/Nicknames.

- Changed: Rewrote pk2pk into individual classes (reduced program filesize & increased readability).

- Fixed: Changing the language of the program will no longer uninitialize the form permanently. Thanks Eskuero!

- Fixed: Set to SAV -> Modify PK6 interaction (auto memories) now handles untraded Pokémon properly (no need to turn it off). Thanks hehephorap & Eskuero!

- Fixed: Set to SAV -> Modify PK6 interaction (auto memories) can now be properly turned off.

- Fixed: Pokédex setting of language flags will write to the correct area. Thanks DeadSkullzJr!

12/22/15 - Bugfix

- Fixed: Inventory Editor errors. Thanks TheRicardoToddy!

- Fixed: Trainer Editor errors. Thanks eonrocket!

- Fixed: FlagDiff errors. Thanks lomejor18!

12/20/15 - New Update

- Added: Wonder Cards can now be converted into pk6 files. Drop/Open the wc6 and the Wonder Card will be loaded to tabs.

- Added: Wonder Card I/O will now preview all contents as if it was a box of Pokémon to show all Wonder Cards at once.

- Added: Database Viewer to search for Pokémon within your save file or database folder. Access via the Tools tab.

- Added: Showdown Text Export. Alt-Click Species to export current or double click box / battle box for a full team!

- Added: Battle Box Locked indication.

- Added: Game Sync ID editing / resetting.

- Added: Exporting unedited save file to another location for backup purposes.

- Removed: 1MB save (Powersave) exporting; all files are now treated as 'main' files for simplicity.

- Added: Multiple usability improvements:

- - When setting to your save file, Memories and Handler will be updated (if required). Can be disabled via Options.

- - When setting to your save file, Pokédex entries will be updated (if required). Can be disabled via Options.

- - 508 EVs will now show up as Yellow in the total EVs box.

- - PKHeX will now alert the user if the Tabs Pokémon has no moves.

- - Blank spaces between moves will now be removed.

- - Click Events to the Stat Labels and MaskedTextBoxes. More info in the shortcuts window. Thanks sora10pls!

- - Drag & Drop now works more efficiently. Dropping from external sources to a box slot now loads to that slot (instead of tabs).

- - Trainer Map Coordinates now display their actual values.

- - Memory Editing now locks the user out from editing in memories for situations that should not have any.

- Changed: Redesigned the Wonder Card form UI. Behaves similar to a box of Pokémon.

- Changed: Refactored pk6/sav handling objects to tuck away offsets into a single location.

- Fixed: Removing party members will now behave properly.

- Fixed: Setting to party with empty slots above will now behave properly.

- Fixed: Various refactoring bugs. Thanks Odaxis, RustInPeace, MilesPikachu, Wanderer1391, suloku, and SciresM!

Edited by Kaphotics
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2/16/16 - New Update

- Added: CTRL fill dex will only fill for species you do not yet own.

- Added: CTRL click on the Box tab in the main window to sort boxes by National Dex #.

- Added: Game Started and Last Saved editing fields to the Trainer Editor.

- Added: Pokeblock Editing (accessible via Berry Field button). Thanks SciresM!

- Added: Form editing to the Pokédex Editors. Set Dex updated to set forms as well.

- Changed: Trainer Editor fields are now split into separate tabs. Added Adventure Start and Last Saved fields.

- Changed: Toggle Font changed to "Unicode" checkbox in main menu; displays current status.

- Changed: Minor tweaks to the Wondercard editing interface to make it less annoying.

- Fixed: Randomizing IVs now updates IV total box.

- Fixed: Program dialog text fixed. Thanks Favna & fallenlucario!

- Fixed: Past Gen Pokemon will now be prevented from having OT Memories with Modify PK6 checked. Thanks chenzw95!

- Fixed: Holding CTRL or ALT will no longer import showdown on non-species clicks. Thanks Joedor!

- Fixed: Box Name editing. Thanks sora10pls!

- Fixed: Box Data Report Hidden Power display. Thanks krelbit!

- Fixed: 4->6 Import ability transferring. Thanks zero2exe!

- Removed: ram2sav support. If you wish to still use ram2sav, use a compiled version from 9/20/15 or earlier.

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What's New?

- Added: Legality checking for XY/ORAS origin Pokémon.

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

4/10/16 - New Update

- Added: JKSV auto detection. Thanks Wanderer1391!

- Added: Showdown Import/Export hotkeys. Thanks Odaxis!

- Added: Verbose Legality Check result export, shows aspects that are fishy. Hold CTRL when bringing the Legality info up.

- Added: Legality checks for ball, evolved bred levels, ID, EXP, contest, memories.

- Added: Clear all residence button to Memory editor.

- Changed: Base egg moves will now use move names instead of indexes. Thanks Favna!

- Changed: Trying to open subforms that are already open will bring focus to them instead of alerting it is already open.

- Fixed: Various Legality Checker issues. Thanks Eskuero, Wanderer1391, ashrobb

- Fixed: Residense/Handler setting. Thanks Dede!

- Fixed: Traded egg detection. Thanks Wanderer1391!

- Fixed: Language change deleting Met Location info. Thanks Eskuero!

- Fixed: Importing wondercards directly to slots not checking flags. Thanks \ & Goodfella!

- Fixed: Importing wc6full files. Thanks Odaxis!

- Fixed: ORAS 2nd daycare EXP values not being displayed. Thanks chenzw95!

- Fixed: Mono-specific underscore issue for converting to numbers. Thanks chenzw95!

3/26/16 - New Update

- Added: Ribbon, History, Ball, Ability legality checks.

- Changed: Encounter tracking more stringent.

- Changed: Clicking a menu checkbox (Set to Dex or Database Legality Filter) will stay open for more option toggling.

- Changed: Clicking the relearn move groupbox will now suggest moves instead of copying current moves (illegal).

- Fixed: Bad Egg background now clears when the slot is overwritten.

- Fixed: Dropping a past gen pkm file to a box slot will now have the sprite appear. Thanks poutros!

- Fixed: Nickname legality check severity. Thanks Eskuero!

- Fixed: 5->6 transfer decapitalization. Thanks rinnegan!

- Fixed: 3->4 Unown form is now retained. Thanks rinnegan!

- Fixed: WC6 import button not recognizing the correct size. Thanks \ & Ahito95!

3/19/16 - New Update

- Added: Legality checking for XY/ORAS origin Pokémon.

- - Legality indication next to moves and Preview to indicate the legality of the loaded pk6.

- - Legality indication click event to pop up why the pk6 is flagged as illegal.

- - Event checking has been made possible by community contributions. Thanks everyone!

- Added: Right click contextmenu for the Preview for Legality/QR/Save.

- Removed: QR! clickable label.

- - SHIFT click the Preview Sprite to export QR.

- - ALT click the Preview Sprite to import QR.

- Added: Wondercard database loading for updated Legality checking.

- - Create a "wc6" folder in the same folder as PKHeX.exe, and add in wc6 files.

- Added: Database Viewer: Scrolling over a PictureBox now scrolls the view.

- Added: Database Viewer: Legality filters for Legal Only/Illegal Only. Helpful for finding hacks!

- Added: wc6full loading support.

- Fixed: Automatic Backup prompt string now appears correctly.

- Fixed: Showdown import of Mega-X/Y. Thanks Odaxis!

- Fixed: Compiling on Unix-based operating system (case sensitivity) fixed. Thanks GovanifY!

- Fixed: Past gen special character conversion (and UI typo). Thanks Localhorst!

- Fixed: Pokédex Editor for X/Y now saves form bools. Thanks chenzw95!

- Changed: PID generator for Gen3/4/Unown legal PIDs. Thanks chenzw95!

- Changed: Chinese Translation updated. Thanks easyworld!

- Changed: Startup times of the program may be quicker.

- Hotfix: Added missing Lost Hotel & Soaring static encounters. Thanks froslumugu & \!

- Hotfix: Keldeo Secret Sword detection.

- Hotfix: DexNav level range increased. Thanks fr3quency!

- Hotfix: Giratina Pain Split. Thanks \!

Edited by Kaphotics
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What's New?

- Added: Legality checking for XY/ORAS origin Pokémon.

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

5/16/16 - New Update

- Added: Bulk conversion when opening a Gen4 or Gen5 save file. Box contents will be dumped to specified folder, and converted if desired.

- Added: SetPK6 override options for importing multiple pk6's (box import, battle video).

- Added: Event constant diff when comparing two saves in the Event Flag editor.

- Added: Move source indication to verbose legality output.

- Added: Form legality checks.

- Added: More legality checks for memories and hatched eggs. Thanks Eskuero & chenzw95!

- Fixed: Multiple edge cases for legality checks. Thanks Eskuero, chenzw95, Wheth, Gastly, Asia81, rinnegan, Host1126

- Fixed: Crash when putting spaces in number text boxes or importing wc6 to ORAS demo saves.

- Fixed: wc6full imports will now generate a received date.

- Fixed: Starting the program without a save file will load default values (OT: "PKHeX", etc).

- Fixed: Pokémon League indication for X/Y and OR/AS, and Poketransporter strings. Thanks chenzw95 & Odaxis!

- Fixed: Changing Encounter Type of files from Platinum.

- Removed: Code Generator, use save cache instead (CyberGadget users).

- Hotfix: Fixed Gen 5 save file detection. Thanks xtreme1!

- Hotfix: Fixed Bad Eggs from causing past gen dumping to abort. Thanks xtreme1!

Edited by Kaphotics
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What's New?

- Added: Gen III, IV, V Save Editing; Batch (Mass) Editor

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

7/28/16 - New Update

- Fixed: Base save file when no save is loaded now has more realistic data (Console Region and Country fixed).

- Fixed: Loading a X/Y save file will no longer have OR/AS exclusive items/moves/forms available as choices.

- Fixed: Certain edge case Wonder Cards now are recognized correctly.

- Fixed: A few legality checks have been improved. Thanks Eskuero & chenzw95!

- Fixed: Box Flag truncation. Thanks chenzw95!

- Fixed: Save File detection for past gen saves. Thanks evandixon!

- Added: Pokémon Link block injector (like Wonder Cards). Thanks suloku!

- Added: Clear Box with Alt-Click on Box Tab. Clear ALL Boxes with Alt-Shift-Click.

- Added: Sort Box with Ctrl-Click on Box Tab. Sort ALL Boxes with Ctrl-Shift-Click. Sorts by Species#.

- Added: RSE/FRLG/DPPt/HGSS/BW/B2W2 Save Editing Support. Can read, modify, and export save files and pkm files.

- Added: Trainer Info editor for Generation 3-5.

- Changed: Many internal routines to handle multiple generations.

- Changed: Mystery Gifts (Wonder Cards) Editor revised to handle multiple generations.

- Changed: Inventory Editor revised to handle multiple generations.

- Changed: Save File sub editors (buttons) have a new layout to handle multiple generations.

- Changed: Box Dump/Load are now accessible via the Tools menu.

- Changed: Updated Chinese translation. Thanks easyworld!

- Added: Batch Editor. Modify all Pokémon in your save file / external files with simple script instructions.

- - A script builder is provided to list attributes that may be edited (and how to edit them).

- - "=": Requires the value to match the specified value. If not, the PKM is skipped.

- - "!": Requires the value to NOT match the specified value. If not, the PKM is skipped.

- - ".": Sets the attribute to the specified value if all filters are satisfied.

- Changed: Database can now search pk3/pk4/pk5/pk6 files.

- - An advance search option has been added, uses the same filter style as the Batch Editor.

Edited by Kaphotics
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What's New?

- Added: Gen III, IV, V Save Editing; Batch (Mass) Editor

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

7/31/16 - New Update

- Added: Batch editor "Shinify" command to make a Pokemon shiny ($shiny). Thanks exegg!

- Changed: Ribbon editor is now wider (5 ribbons per row). Thanks \!

- Fixed: Gen 3/4 save issues. Thanks BeyondTheHorizon, poutros!

- Fixed: Event Flag editor saving no longer throws a cast exception. Thanks Armodillomatt12!

- Fixed: Importing PGT/PCD to future generations no longer errors out. Thanks SubMana!

- Fixed: Mystery Gift window import/export button text displayed. Thanks poutros!

- Fixed: Misc Pokémon Link legality cases fixed. Thanks poutros!

- Fixed: Misc linux issues with latest refactoring. Thanks Zekario!

- Fixed: Trainer Editor window ~ Unicode character display. Thanks \!

- Fixed: Minor main window editing bugs for EXP/Nature/Gender.

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What's New?

- Added: Gen III, IV, V Save Editing; Batch (Mass) Editor

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

8/7/16 - New Update

- Added: TWLSaveTool folder auto-detection for past generation save files.

- Changed: Save file auto-detection now detects the last saved file instead of a predefined order. Saving a NDS game after 3DS game will return the NDS save.

- Fixed: Multiple gen3/4 save/pkm/transfer bugs. Thanks BeyondTheHorizon, JHorbach, Destinyy, MichiS97, ashrobb, IamAVeryNicePereson & javier_himura!

- Fixed: Manaphy egg (non event) now correctly flagged as illegal. Thanks RustInPeace!

- Changed: Updated Spanish Translation. Thanks ajtudela!

- Fixed: Drag&Drop between box slots tweaked and improved. Thanks Warsen!

- Fixed: Mystery Gift files can now be dragged into Box slots directly.

- Fixed: Gen6 Trainer Info editor can now edit Vivillon forms again. Thanks Majickhat55!

- Added: Cleaner 'delete' command to batch editor (set species to 0 to clear data).

- Added: Specifying output folder when modifying a folder in the Batch Editor. Thanks \!

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  • 3 weeks later...

What's New?

- Added: Gen III, IV, V Save Editing; Batch (Mass) Editor

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

8/22/16 - New Update

- Added: FBI homebrew save file detection. Thanks poutros!

- Fixed: Program now indicates the type of blank save file loaded if none is detected on startup.

- Fixed: Vivillon form Showdown Import behavior. Thansk sora10pls!

- Fixed: Vivillon form selection in Trainer Editor re-enabled. Thanks Tsunamical!

- Fixed: Program should now load data much quicker; includes save files, box slots, and pcdata.

- Fixed: Past gen transfer / save file bugs. Thanks vacero, JSS, Ninjistix & Porta_14

- Fixed: Mystery Gift manipulation now behaves better. Thanks jonaththejonath, sora10pls, Odaxis & rush2802!

- Fixed: Legality indication persists when loading a save file.

- Fixed: Hyperspace Fury legality. Thanks RanEncounter!

- Changed: Batch Editor improvements for PID/EC writing. Thanks JSS & Pokegeo!

- Changed: Updated Spanish and Chinese translation. Thanks ajtudela & easyworld!

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What's New?

- Added: Gen I, II, Save Editing; Box Viewer, Mystery Gift Database

- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

9/18/16 - New Update

- Added: Gen 1 & 2 support. Thanks SciresM, and all those who tested!

- Added: Gen 1<->2 conversion. Thanks SciresM!

- Added: Super Secret Training Completed flag. Thanks SciresM!

- Added: Program will now check for updates when the program starts. If an update is available, a URL label will appear.

- Added: Mystery Gift event database browser. Currently only views wc6, can be loaded to tabs! Hotkey is CTRL-G.

- Added: Gen 4 & 5 Pokedex form flags will be set when the Pokémon is set to the save file.

- Added: Hall of Fame time in Trainer editor. Thanks ricksee!

- Added: Gen 1/2/3 Met Location and Item strings for Spanish and Chinese games. Thanks ajtudela & easyworld!

- Added: Spiky Eared Pichu sprite.

- Added: MetDate/EggMetDate property setting in the Batch Editor (refer to FAQ, yyyyMMdd format). Thanks AvantGourd!

- Added: Box Viewer popup for easier box management. Doubleclick the "Box" tab. To open more than one, hold Shift while double clicking.

- Fixed: Non-box drag&drop slots will set the cursor to the slot's sprite while dragging, just like Box Slots.

- Fixed: O-Power editing saving will now save back to the save file.

- Fixed: Improved save detection for gen4/5 games, including saves that were just (re)started.

- Fixed: Gen4 ribbon editor give-all no longer throws an exception.

- Fixed: Changed event constants from signed to unsigned. Thanks evandixon!

- Fixed: Changing Unown's form as a pk3 will now update the PID. Thanks NinFanBoyFTW!

- Fixed: EncounterType dropdown now appears at the correct time. Thanks JSS!

- Fixed: HM07/HM08 inventory editing for gen4/5. Thanks msbhvn & Liger0!

- Fixed: Setting gen4 HGSS balls corrected. Thanks theSLAYER!

- Fixed: Gen3 inventory editor give-all disabled, as Bag is too small to give all items for a given pouch. Thanks Liger0!

- Fixed: Gen1/2/3 sub-editors erasing changes made to box Pokémon. Thanks SciresM, MichiS97!

- Fixed: Tangled Feet Rayquaza in Gen3. Thanks Delta Blast Burn!

- Legality: Level 20 Gallade is now recognized as legal. Thanks Rohul1997!

- Legality: Gen4 starters disallowed from having Gen3/4 balls. Thanks /u/Subject21_J

- Legality: Added Super Training legality checks. Thanks sora10pls!

- Changed: Inventory Editing now uses prettier sprites for each tab.

- Changed: Showdown Set parsing updated to account for user error when manually typing a set instead of exporting from Showdown as intended.

- Changed: Backed up save file names are now easier on the eye. Gen 1-5 saves will use played time, Gen 6 use the last saved datetime.

- Changed: First 3 tabs of PKM editor (left side) redesigned to fit and collapse controls for all the different games that are supported.

- Changed: Tabs with no controls visible will be hidden. Example: Hiding Box Tab with ORAS Demo save loaded.

- Changed: Met locations are now top-sorted with the locations available to the Origin Game.

If I forgot / excluded anything or anyone... please forgive me. So many things changed in the last 4 weeks!

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What's New?

- Added: Gen 7 Support

11/18/16 - New Update

  • Added: Sun/Moon Support
    • Initial legality checking. Postgame encounters (Scan/Poke Pelago/etc) unsupported at this time.
    • QR Exporting for use with custom firmware patched code.
    • Trainer Editor and limited Pokedex editor
  • Added: KChart, a personal info (base stats) viewer. Hold Shift when opening the PKM Database from the Tools drop-down.
  • Added: Legal move suggestion (click Move groupbox), as well as indicating basic legal moves in the Move drop-downs.
  • Legality: Extensively updated to support Generation 6 and 7 games. Please report issues on the forum.
  • Fixed: Many bugs/issues with existing/new features. Too many people to thank :)
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