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(AR) Complete PokeDex in Platinum question and request...


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Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible for there to be a variation of the complete PokeDex code, i'm fairly new to advanced editing in Pokemon and only recently started generating AR codes.

You see, my situation is that the only complete PokeDex code that I can find even adds entries for impossible Pokemon, such as shiny Arceus, Celebi, etc. would there be a way to have a complete PokeDex code that doesn't add those entries? Even though I plan on doing this myself legitimately eventually, I found that when I created an AR code for adding event Pokemon in my box, it didn't add the entries for them, and it would be a real pain if I had to trade and then trade back ALL of them just for the entries.

Can anybody help me out here or at least try to point me in the right direction? I have searched and searched and searched but with no luck, it's ticking my OCD off. :bidoof:

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