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how many?

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So i was wondering how many pokemon you can catch in emerald without trading or cheating. The reason is i dont know anyone that plays gen three anymore and i only have one gameboy and game and cant afford to get more. I know ill never be able to fill my pokedex but i would like to know how close i can get. Thank you!

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You'd have to look at Serebii or some other source to find out if each Pokémon is obtainable in Emerald.

I recommend doing that only after you think you got all the ones available.

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I believe Serebii didn't state that accurately.

They only show what is the version exclusives missing.

Let me give you a (not so) rough estimate.

Hoenn Regional Dex =

200 Pokemon (excluding Jirachi and Deoxys)


Missing Pokemon (Trade with RS) =








7 Pokemon


Trade to obtain, other special reasons:

Gorebyss and Huntail (Trade)

Golem (trade)

Alakazam (trade)

Latias or Latios (either one)

Machamp (trade)

Kingdra (trade)

Other 2 starters (6)

13 Pokemon

National Dex Pokemon Obtainable:

Smeargle (Artisan Cave)

Sudowoodo (Battle Frontier)

Sunkern (Safari Zone)

Mareep (Safari Zone)

Aipom (Safari Zone)

Spinarak (Safari Zone)

Hoothoot (Safari Zone)

Snubbull (Safari Zone)

Stantler (Safari Zone)

Gligar (Safari Zone)

Teddiursa (Safari Zone)

Ledyba (Safari Zone)

Pineco (Safari Zone)

Houndour (Safari Zone)

Miltank (Safari Zone)

Wooper (Safari Zone)

Quagsire (Safari Zone)

Remoraid (Safari Zone)

Octillery (Safari Zone)

Shuckle (Safari Zone)

Ditto (Desert Underpass)

21 Pokemon

Total Obtainable: 201


Extras (if you cheat)

1. You receive 1x Johto Starter upon completing Hoenn Regional Dex (choose wisely, or simply cheat)

2. Access to Deoxys, Ho-oh, Lugia, remainder Lati@s and Mew

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