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  1. Damage

    how many?

    Awesome that helped alot thank you!
  2. Damage

    how many?

    So i was wondering how many pokemon you can catch in emerald without trading or cheating. The reason is i dont know anyone that plays gen three anymore and i only have one gameboy and game and cant afford to get more. I know ill never be able to fill my pokedex but i would like to know how close i can get. Thank you!
  3. Well not counting my bidoof shinx and the ligjtning squirrel from d/p(cant remember name) that i got from chaining it was a shiny lotad in emerald like 2weeks ago
  4. Damage


    Hello my name is.Damian. ive been playing pokemon since it started and i must say they are still my favorite games of all time. Unfortunately i haven't had an opportunity to play past Diamond and pearl. Hopefully when i get paid i can get a 3ds and catch up! Till then i am happy to be here to learn what i can and disscuss the greatest games of all time!
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