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Pokémon X and Y: PKX Contribution


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Sorry, probably not where the issue should be discussed, but where I can get events from past generations, they are able to exchange with friends in Pokémon ROZA

Example Entei, Raikou or events Suicune Win2011 (?)

Sorry I do not speak much English, I hope understand :P

The legendary beast are Gen IV events.

What I can recommend, is for you to put them into an emulator, collect them ingame,

extract the .pkm files, and use Pkhex to convert them to pk6.

(if Pokecheck was up, you probably could rip them out.)

Gen IV Wondercards thread: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15283-Gen-IV-Event-Collection-and-Contribution-Thread

Also, you could check out this link, as I attempted to create 649 Pokemon that could be transported use Poketransporter.

I may have included the event legendaries: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?17511-all-649-pkm-files-can-be-found-here-in-progress-collecting&p=195149&viewfull=1#post195149

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Does anyone have .pkx of the Japanese Pokemon Scraps 2014/2015 Shaymin?


I know there's WC6 for that, but CMIIW, you can only inject it to Japanese 3DS right?

I feel like saying "not this again"

We see posts like these all the time.

To get a pk6 of a Pokemon,

drag and drop the wc6 of said Pokemon to the left side of the LATEST pkhex.

It would generate the pk6 for you.

Then, change the region and language details to make it legal.

It's that easy.

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This is my events collection extracted from different post in old pkhex page. The folder contains: Colosseum files, Pokemon X'D - Gale of Darkness (Michael) files, Pokemon X'D - Mt. Battle Pokemon (Tristam) files, PPorg_GenIII_Ancient_Events files, PPorg_GenIII_Nigoli 111 Ageto Celebis files, PPorg_GenIII_Shiny_Jirachis files, PPorg_GenIV_WCs files, PPorg_GenV_WCs files &  PPorg_GenVI_WC6s files, Wish Events files.

All Events Pokemon.rar

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