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  1. Karyuu

    Alamos Darkrai

    Can you have the name in English?
  2. someone with Wondercard of Kotone Yasue's Tyranitar (?) mod edit: You all have been warned time and time again. Infraction given.
  3. Anyone have the PKX file for Sharpedo #worlds ands Gamescon pokes(?)
  4. Please i Need This mons IGN Karyu FC 3497-2098-4723 Please
  5. Someone with these events in format pkm / PK6??
  6. excuse me, I have not been connected, all right?
  7. Hellooooo I Need This Pls, FC 3497-2098-4723 IGN Karyu x2 x3 x1 Thankssss PD: You have these events (?)
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