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The "SoulSilver Luigia Theme" Feedback Thread

Do you like the new theme?  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like the new theme?

    • I love it.
    • I HATE it.
    • I think that it was released too early.
    • I want to stay out of this.
    • My browser work properly with it, so I cannot have an opinion.

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This thread is where to post all feedback for the theme: SoulSilver Luigia. I recommend using the same structure that I am using.

Overall: In my opinion, it would be good for those who don't like dark colors, although I am not one of those people. The smaller font looks good, although it can become annoying after a while (especially if you are used to the font size of "Site Theme".


-Internal Site Links (Unlike the "Site Theme")

-Nice "Clean" look

-Can compete with "Site Theme" for Default Theme

-Gradiant Background for Quotes


-Not enough contrast between visited links and background, and a few other situations.

-Icons for "Forums Read", and "New Posts" don't contrast enough, so it isn't obvious which forums have new posts.

-User Title and Badges are not directly Below the username.

-Age/Gender not shown in posts ("Site Theme" dosn't show Gender Either)

-Text Color in "Title" textbox when replying to a message dosn't have enough contrast

[Edit]: I have added a poll with likely options.

Stupid mobile safari >.< it made me choose the wrong poll choice T_T
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Besides that this theme is waaaay to bright for my tastes, there is one problem: the header is broken when the resolution is 768 horizontally. :x I'm real picky when it comes to stuff like that.

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I actually like! I'd rather have bright colors than dark ones.

I actually noticed that threads or the sections that have recently been posted in are pale..and the old ones are darker colored..I think that should be reverse other than that it's cool IMO.

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Just gotta question. If you use the ProjectPokemon Theme, your username is on the top-left corner and if you click it, it brings you to the user profile. In the SoulSilver Lugia Theme, how do I visit my User Profile?

EDIT: Oh wait, i've got it in the Quick Links

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It's a little too bright for me...

but I did notice this, if you look at the Notifications area, it is quite cramped.

You last visited: 1 Hour Ago at 03:48 PM | Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 451.

Is cut off half way.

Could you put a breakline in instead of the | ?

EDIT: Stupid mobile safari >.< it made me choose the wrong poll choice T_T

Edited by damio
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I do have 4 complaints.

The icon for a new post hardly differs from the old post one.

I have trouble accessing the main forum page through the banner.

Still cannot find the link to my profile. I have to search for a link somewhere.

When logging in i did not see the remember me button.

Over all i quite like it.

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I like darker themes cause it not only saves power for my computer, it also helps my eyes a bit when i'm up at night looking around :P. But i like it anyway.

But if it were me i would have more of a deep sea thing to darken the colors and also really tell that lugia lives in the ocean.

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