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PokeGen Crashing


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Hello, so I have this small issue that is bugging me. I am currently trying to edit the EV's on my starter Pokemon to fit my desires a bit more on Pokemon Pearl. I can open up the Pearl.dst file, select that it is Pearl in English select my starter Pokemon, change the EV's, then when I go to file and save it, it will just crash. If I use "save as" and use the same name, click yes to replace, it crashed once more. If I do it and save as a different name, I get this error message. Please help. D:


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It only says that it can't create a backup file with that name because there was no file with that new name to "back up".

Don't use save states (dst/ds#), use save files (save game -> export backup memory -> edit -> import backup memory -> reset emulation)

I just tried this. It won't put in the changed values. Everything stays the same. I even made sure by putting a noticeable hold item of a master ball on the changes. This is beyond killing me. D:

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you're trying to edit a save that's somehow read-only. either kill the emulator before editing the save or make sure you're editing a copy that's not in use somewhere. that's also why you get that error about not being able to write the file. pokegen is trying to call CreateFileW() and having problems.

this has not a thing to do with pokegen.

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