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Wont let me save my pokemon please help


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1. Import backup memory

2. Select the file you just edited with Pokegen.

3. Your edits should be visible in-game.

Ok this is what I did I started a game. got to the nearest pokemon center so I wouldn't have to again I save the game export the backup memory. plug it into pokegen in this it does not show the starter since that is the only pokemon im using. Should it show the starter through pokegen?

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1. Save game ingame.

2. Export backup memory

3. In pokegen, load the sav from step 2.

4. Do edits, setting pokemon back into their slots when you are done editing them.

5. Save the sav in PokeGen.

6. Import backup memory, select the save file from step 5.

7. Reset emulation

8. Enter game.

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