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  1. Ok I imported but a pop up came up that had some stuff saying stuff like save sizes info current and some other stuff do I just press ok?
  2. Ok can you tell me what to do from the start im so confused im so sorry I know im must be so horribly annoying right now
  3. Saving in game is the way you do it regularly like on a regular ds right?
  4. No like it starts me at the beginning of the game with professor rowan
  5. When I do this like export it is there supposed to be a file already there or make a new one?
  6. Ok this is what I did I started a game. got to the nearest pokemon center so I wouldn't have to again I save the game export the backup memory. plug it into pokegen in this it does not show the starter since that is the only pokemon im using. Should it show the starter through pokegen?
  7. I tried that but it only brought me to the home screen of the pokemon game
  8. Nvm It worked for my pokegen like it kept but it didn't worked for my desmume any help?
  9. something im trying is saving it then reloading it in pokegen to save time and the pokemon never show back up
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