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For trade: Adamant Ice Punch / Aqua Tail / Dragon Dance Totodile!

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I am able to breed Adamant (+Attack, -Sp. Attack) Totodile that know Ice Punch, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Dance. If you would like to trade your legit / legal Pokémon for one or more of these Totodile, please post here!

I am looking mostly for Pokémon outside of the Platinum Sinnoh Pokédex. Below is a list of the specific ones I am currently interested in, but if you offer something else, I will consider it.

Please note that I am only listing basic forms, but I will accept evolved Pokémon as well. For fossil Pokémon, I will accept a fossil item. I also do not mind if you trade me an egg or a hatched Pokémon. Pokémon that I am super interested in will be bolded.



















































As an alternative, I will also accept TMs and evolution stones / items, as well as Rare Candies.


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Added and removed some Pokémon from the wanted list.
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I did a breeding project of Caterpie's not too long ago. I can shift through what I have and see what I have left, or maybe put my Charizard breeding on hold and re-start the Caterpie breeding.

As I said, I also have a bunch of Charmanders (doing the Masuda shiny egg method), Scythers (old breeding project), and Aarons (shorter lived, more recent breeding project).

If you have AIM/MSN/Yahoo, PM me and I'll give you my screen name. Or just catch me in PP's chat.

EDIT: As for legality:

Caterpie's, if I have any left, will be 100% legal. I have no reason to believe the Ditto and Butterfree were hacked, but I didn't personally catch either of them. Same with Charmanders and Aarons. The eggs produced were done in-game and hatched in-game, so the eggs are completely legit.

And some of the Charmanders and Aarons are still in their eggs, for what it's worth.

The Scyther breeding was from a legal Scizor (via trade, probably legit), and a hacked but legal Scizor (made myself). Eggs were obtained in-game and hatched legit.

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Just so that we're clear, are you saying all of these Pokémon are shiny? The Masuda method, if I'm right, quadruples your chances of hatching a shiny, but even then you must have a ton of patience if that is the case.

Assuming they are not shiny, I'd be curious to see what your breeding projects turned out. Charmander is not on my list, but it is extremely likely that I will be interested regardless. Either way, I am interested in Aron and especially Caterpie, so if nothing else I'll ask for one of those. :D

Since you sound like a pretty serious breeder, I will try to get you a Totodile with decent IVs, although I don't have an exactly optimal setup with those.

Also, I do have AIM, and my username is in my profile.

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Apart from Tyrogue and Shroomish, I have all of your most wanted Pokemon (legit). And I do need the Johto starters to finish the National Dex and get the Black Trainer Card (my current card is Gold). Because I don't have Pokemon Battle Colosseum, it's impossible to get the Johto Starters apart from the GTS. However, I don't have Wireless Internet neither do I live close to any Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Hotspots such as EB Games in Australia. So I don't have access to Wi-Fi meaning I can't use the GTS. :(

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Toffee, that kind of sucks. But you can get the Johto starters in some other ways, even without Wi-Fi access. Professor Birch gives you one of the Johto starters if you complete the Hoenn Pokedex in Pokemon Emerald, depending on which starter you picked at the beginning. Pokemon COlosseum could probably be found pretty cheap on Amazon or Ebay, but the game kind of sucks.

As for dealing with no Wi-Fi, the DS has pretty bad wi-fi compatibility. Nintendo used to sell USB Wi-Fi adadapters, which would plug into any computer and set up a wireless spot. But they were crap quality, stopped making them, and the 3rd party products being sold now are even worse. Personal wireless routers are getting pretty cheap nowadays. Next time you/your family are in the market for a new computer, I bet you can find one that comes with a router. Many newer routers even say which video game systems they're compatible with.

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Oh, I never knew Professor Birch gives you a Johto Starter it in Emerald. I have Emerald. But do you mean:

1. Catch Every Pokemon in the Hoenn Dex?

2. See Every Pokemon in the Hoenn Dex?

3. Catch Every Pokemon in the Hoenn National Dex?

4. or See Every Pokemon in the Hoenn National Dex?

Once you specify it, i'll try to get it then continue trying to complete my National Dex in Platinum. However, if you mean the 3rd or 4th options I mentioned, I wouldn't be able to get the Johto Starter. Tell me which option is it that I need to do. Just say 1, 2, 3 or 4.

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Hoenn Dex. I believe Deoxys and Jirachi, which are event Pokemon, are excluded from the completion requirement. It'll still be a challenge, but as long as you have 2 GBAs and/or a friend with a GBA to do trades with, you'll be fine.

I'm unsure if it's catch every pokemon or see every pokemon. In Gen 4, "comletion of dex" just means seen every Pokemon. In Gen III games, I believe you have to catch them.

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If that's the case, again the Johto Starters would be a problem to obtain for my Hoenn Dex Completion. As you are unable to see it in the wild, by trainer and neither will you be able trade with GS then I won't be able to complete my Hoenn Dex.

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randomspot, I think I'd like a Caterpie best after all. I just love that little guy! I'm not too particular about which Nature it is, especially since I have no idea which one works best for Butterfree, and I don't really care which gender it is either, so there's that.

Toffeuy, I really wish I could help you, as I have all of the starters. If you ever do get wifi set up, feel free to PM me and I'll hook you up with them.

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I like the looks of the Totodile. I can offer you any of the Fossil pokemon you have listed in your wants section. The Pokemon are as Legit as I can get them, (as if you go underground you can get any fossil if you stay there long enough) and I'd be willing to equip the fossil pokemon of your choice with a fossil of your choice, making it essentialy a two for one trade. =)

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