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BW B2W2 Event - Mewtwo (Movie Ticket Preorder)


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Level: 100

OT: ???

ID: ???

Ability: Unnerve

Nature: Random



Ice Beam

Heal Pulse


Item: Custap Berry

Pokeball: Cherish

Ribbon: Wishing

Location: Pokémon Movie 13

Date: 06/15~09/01

Game Distribution: Black, White, Black 2, White 2

Distribution Type: IR

th_corocoro313.jpg th_corocoro3.jpg


2ch (CoroCoro photos)

Pocket Monsters Official Site (Moves, Ball, Random Nature)

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Flawless Special Attack + Heal Pulse as another move.

Judging from the text on the first pic (BW screenshot):

さいこうの ちからを もっている

そんなふうに ジャッジできました!

It can't be better in that regard. That's how I judged it.

The caption's 2nd line indicates what IV is affected:


Full ingame response for that IV (Kanji):

ちなみに 一番 いい 感じなのは

特攻 でしょうか

Incidentally, I would say the best potential lies in its Sp. Atk stat.


4th pic implies another move is heal pulse.



did a search and I guess I'm the first one who has figured it out from the screenshot :\

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