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idea Rehashed pokemon! Dubbed PKM Rainbow (W2)

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So, while planning the type advantages I felt like I was letting the original typings control me too much so I made everything be x1 in an image file, went around doing what I felt would be good and here is the result:


I'm pretty happy with it so it'll probably stay that way ;D

-Almost all pokemon have 480 stat total (the sum of base HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Attack, Sp.Defense and speed that calculates the pokemon's stat) with 2 exceptions: Shedinja has 401 and Slaking (being now the ONLY pokemon with the Truant ability) 600 (480+120 to the HP stat).

-Starters are Eevee, Pikachu and Clefairy

-Pikachu evolves with the Thunder Stone, Clefairy with the Moon Stone and Eevee evolves into Vaporeon with the Water Stone, Jolteon with the Thunder Stone, Flareon with the Fire Stone, Espeon with the Sun Stone, Umbreon with the Moon Stone, Leafeon with the Leaf Stone and Glaceon with the Shiny Stone.

-Normal starters (like Snivy, Charmander, Piplup etc.) all evolve with leaf, fire and water stones instead of levels.

-Various moves have been modified and TM49 is now Tri-Attack instead of Echoed Voice.

-Politoed and Poliwrath are now 4th evolution since Tympole is now a prevolution of Poliwag. Tympole evolves into Palpitoad if taught sandstorm via TM and leveling up.

-Zubat evolves into Woobat after using a Dawn Stone (Zubats are now found in the world instead of Woobats)

-Kirlia evolves at level 30 into Gallade if male and into Gardevoir if female. (Kirlia's 2nd ability trace becomes pure power for Gallade and Serene Grace for Gardevoir)

-Legendary Pokemon can now breed and are legendary because they've got extra given EVs (All pokemon have 3 given EVs and legendaries have 6) which makes them easier to make powerful. (easier to get them there but they're not better, a Rattata is just as powerful as anything now ;D Even though it's strong stat is speed.. Oh well..)

-Trade evolution pokemon usually evolve either via level, level with held item and in the specific cases of Karrablast and Shelmet: Karrablast evolves when holding a protector and Shelmet when holding a shed shell.

And those are some of the changes; I'll make a full list of changes to Pokemon and moves in a PDF or something soon, no story changes have been made yet and I'm currently testing but if you want to try it out:


Old post below:

Heyo, so this is basically pokemon white 2 with completely redone stats* and type advantages**. This will have 5 other pokemon professors at the start meaning you'll get 6 starters and trainers will have a higher level advantage due to that and also will have some pokemon redone and others removed completely. :bidoof:

*All pokemon will have their base stats sum to 480 so what makes them all unique is the distribution of those

**Nothing changed yet with type weakness/resistance

Professors + starters

Juniper will deliver via Bianca: Eevee/Clefairy/Pikachu

Oak: Squirtle/Bulbasaur/Charmander

Elm: Totodile/Chikorita/Cyndaquil

Birch: Mudkip/Treecko/Torchic

Rowan: Piplup/Turtwig/Chimchar

Ivy: Oshawott/Snivy/Tepig

Starters will have some type changes

Eevee/Clefairy/Pikachu - Evolve with stones so you're forced to keep them unevolved for a while

Mew - Super OP and not meant to be used seriously (Endgame pokemon)

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You could make a document(word, .pdf, etc) with all of the new/current changes then a link to it of course.

480 Base Stats for every poke... what will happen to already-good pokes and legendaries? or you mean at least 480 Base Stats for every poke?

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I will once all of the stats are final =) The Legendaries won't be stronger stat-wise but their movepools will be pretty impressive and the only one that you can consider stronger is Mew and here is why:

Base stats:

Hp - 1

Atk - 111

Def - 1

SpAtk - 255

SpDef - 1

Speed - 111

The ability is ALWAYS wonderguard and it is now Psychic/Normal leaving only Bug and Dark as weaknesses.

Pokemon with already higher than 480 will be debuffed to fit the limit and usually the most debuffed stat is speed. Pokemon with already 480 base stat will remain unchanged so here are the ones that won't change in stats: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Category:Pok%C3%A9mon_with_a_base_stat_total_of_480

If in the future I decide 480 isn't not good enough then the stat sum will be 720 (meaning an average stat would be 120 instead of the currently planned 80) but I'm pretty sure 80 as an average will be the best option =)

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Wow, that's... pretty different. Some of it sounds pretty cool. All of the Pokemon having the same stat total sounds interesting, if it's done well.

Don't like your type chart, though. Yeah... seriously random.

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I've completed all of the stats and redid the first post.. Time to continue testing and start planning/making the changelist to be nice and understandable ^^ The download link is there as well =P

Edit: In testing I found a glitch, heal pulse is broken (it doesn't do anything).. I'll fix it but in the download above know that it won't work.

Edit2: Only glitches so far have been moves.. Fixed heal pulse and flash cannon (heal pulse had no target and flash cannon was raising enemy's stats instead of lowering) only 2 changes so no download for the fix

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