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idea pokemon lightning white version

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i am working on a new version of pokemon white, it's called pokemon lightning white

pokemon white ic&#1.png

many trainers have other pokemon, some gym leaders will be different, and you are playing a shadow triad, i still have to edit the fishing sprite.

shadow triad pic&#116.png

and instead of the elemental monkeys, you will recieve a kanto starter!

and also, are you getting sick of the bicycle? now you will get a motorcycle and you will get it a lot earlier.

soon there will come the first beta version, i hope you will like it

progressing edit:

player edit: 90%(only the fishing sprite must be edited)

elemental monkey edit: 100%

motorcycle: 100%

gym leaders, elite 4 & champion: 80%(i need to know how to edit mugshot names and not all overworld sprites are done yet)

title screen: 0%, editing won't work

motorcycle recieving: 100%

champion fly: 0% need to replace sprites



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