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BW Event - European Keldeo

King Impoleon

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A early Keldeo Distribution was Announced!

Keldeo will bei Distributed from September to 11th October in various Stiores (Gamestop & TRU) around Europe


Germany (Sep 8 - Oct 11)

Italy (Sep ? - Oct 11)

France (Sep ? - Oct 11)

Spain (Sep ? - Oct 11)

UK (Sep 1 - Oct 11)

Guested edit:

More info will be revealed on the official sites on August 22.

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Hi, I just read on Bisafans that Keldeo will be also distributed on the German Pokemon Days and not only at Gamestop and so on. Starting from now on on all coming tour dates. Here is the source (only in German), Bisafans is extremely reliable and they also point to the official website:


It is mentioned that it only available for the last 9 tour cities at the Pokemon Day and at some shops (probably Gamestop, Toys R Us, ...).

The distribution period is Sept. 01 until Oct. 12, 2012.

So I will pick it up when I visit the Pokemon Day at Stuttgart.

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Since the German Keldeo will be distributed alongside the Pikachu from September 1 to October 12, it will most likely be available to English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. This is just how the German Pokemon Day Pikachu was distributed.

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I guess.

Then we don't need it ?

If you can get it, please do. Confirmation never hurts. Especially if people end up not being able to get the German ones, or checking other langauges at German events.

On another note:

We've had all the languages contributed from the multi-language American distribution...

BUT, I'd still like people to try and grab these in Europe, just in case the ID number (which usually reflects the start date) is different than America's of 08272.

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