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  1. ahahah no, i don't work at gamestop. My gamestop = the gamestop where i go to buy games, the nearest gamestop
  2. in my gamestop the cartridge will arrive on monday. we need the distribution text, thank you
  3. i will post italian dialga shiny on 30/09. I hope that my gamestop will receive the distribution card at the day one
  4. From 12th october 2013 the torchic mega stone will be distributed to player who will buy pokemon x or y. More information in this video:
  5. probably i'll post the pgf file this evening, it's the same of the pgf file that you can find in this site but with a different date (18 sep.)
  6. i'm going to an italian gamestop today and I downloaded the italian keldeo
  7. Thanks Nigoli and Guested for all the events Can anyone help me, saying me the distribution text for the italian karrablast,shelmet, zoroark and winter darkrai? And the file pgf of searcher piplup jap, nigoli, didin't you take it? Sorry for the bad english, but I'm Italian thanks for the answers
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