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BW Event - Japan expo 2012 (France) Strongest Pikachu


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A new distribution start in Paris.

The pokemon distribution start in Paris Japan Expo 2012 (5-8 Juli)

We do not yet know what pokemon will be distributed.

Source: Twitter @NintendoFrance.

"Un pokemon à télécharger à #JapanExpo.

Plus d'info bientôt."

(A pokemon to download at JapanExpo. More informations soon)

I update the topic when I get more informations.


Strongest Pikachu (France Japan expo 2012)


-Move: Volt Tackle Thunder Grass Knot Quick attak.

-DO: ÉTÉ2012

-ID: 70120

-Event Ribbon

-Item: Light Ball

-IV: Random

Already uploaded in contribution thread.


I go Japan Expo this summer then I can download it. :)

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very strange photos? And no download...?

also translated that text so others can read..

More Infos are Revealed:

Source: Twitter ‏@NintendoFrance

Venez vous prendre en photos avec 20 #Pokémon géants du Pokédex sur le stand Nintendo à #JapanExpo

~Boring =(

Come take you photos with 20 # giant Pokémon in the Pokédex at the Nintendo booth at # JapanExpo

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