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The Global Terminal - A Pokemon GTS Distribution Thread {Final Update: 19 May 2014}

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The point of The Global Terminal is not for someone to swoop in and get an exact Pokemon. I've been running it this way since I started doing this 2 years ago.

It's for people to go in and get a completely random Pokemon, not technically for their collection. Makes things more fun when people work for stuff IMO. I am trying to make it easier for people to get a certain Pokemon, as you can see from the creation of Server 3.

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Thread Update ~ 14th April 2012

Public Notice

- The Global Terminal, in particular, Server 2, was victim of what appears to be a DoS attack which saw 18 GB of data flood, 17 GB more than the server's cap, in less than 12 hours. This has caused my server bill to soar well into the hundreds of dollars.

- As a result of this, Server 3 (NEW), sponsored and run by KanashimiKun, has been cut (not that anyone was using it) and re-purposed as Server 2 (Events).

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Hi there! This is my first time using your GTS (which is awesome btw!) I've been trying to connect the last few hours and keep getting errors after a few mins of waiting. I tried Distros server 1 and 2 dns listed on the first page, on my DSlite for SS. The dns setup/wi fi check work fine tho. Is the server still down for testing or do I have an issue? And a thousand pardons if this is the wrong thread for help questions :| thanks!

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Just made one last final change to the Event Server (Server 2)'s DNS. This should be the last and final change for quite a while, and both servers should hold up properly now.

Edit: On second thoughts, it may NOT be very stable, so if it goes down just post here or something.

In other news, I LOVE WINDOWS 8 / SERVER 2012: http://pkm.reignofcomputer.com/TGT/Desktop.png

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Thread Update - 12th June 2012

Hey guys, sorry for being away for so long. Anyway, I've updated the thread and all, Server 1 by willaien pulled through all the way without any hiccups unlike Server 2 which decided to die at some point. No one informed me. Oh well.

The statistics are amazing! Server 1 has distributed 18625 Pokemon since April 26th, and 3985 for Server 2. IT'S OVER NINETHOUSAAANNNDDDD.

I'll be adding more events as soon as I can.

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