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Correct me if I am wrong...

a.) All pokemon caught in-game are legal.

how about pokemon caught in-game by using the pokemon modifier code? is it still legal/legit?

* i cant seem to differentiate legal form legit...

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It also depends if the pokemon can actually be legally caught in the first place. If you use the modifier to catch a wild mew or mewtwo, then it would neither be legit or legal.

That was i am thinking about because i used the modifier to catch a shroomish in the marsh even though it is not their day to show up. is that legit still?

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The difference being that the Honey Tree Munchlax came from will show up as a route number in the Trainer Memo, whereas any Pokémon caught in the Great Marsh, no matter the area or day, will simply show Great Marsh. So for the Shroomish example, I do not believe there will be any way to tell the difference between one caught on the right day and one caught on the wrong day.

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Legit - Pokemon received without the use of any external cheating devices.

Legal - Pokemon received with the use of any external cheating devices, but funtions as if it were legit.

Does that mean that if I use ranger to get a Manaphy Egg, then use a Save manager to restore the backed up save, then transfer ANOTHER egg, that it would be legit?

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