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BW Event - Gratitude Shaymin


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To show appreciation to customers/players for their patronage in 2011, Pokemon Centers in Japan will be distributing a Shaymin Mystery Gift to Black and White games from December 19th to January 5th.

Kind of a nice choice, since Shaymin is the Gratitude Pokemon.

If you show the Shaymin, changed into Sky Forme, to staff at one of the stores between Jan 1 and 15, they'll give you a special Shaymin Thank You card.


More details when they get announced.

Edit: I've changed the thread title and references to this Pokemon in the Event Collection and Gallery from "Thank You Shaymin" to "Gratitude Shaymin."

The official website was referring to this as "「今年も1年ありがとう!」という感謝の気持ちを込めて" ... ie, saying "as a way of saying 'Thank you for this year as well,' with a feeling of gratitude" ... (here's a Shaymin present for your BW games). I wasn't crazy about "Thank You Shaymin" as a title, but that seemed like the best way to sum it up at the time.... anyway, the Wonder Card has now been released, and its title is かんしゃのきもち!シェイミプレゼント... and かんしゃのきもち is 感謝の気持, ie "Feeling of Gratitude." SO, I decided to change our title to "Gratitude Shaymin."

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Pretty nice, they seem to want to re-release the 4th Gen event Pokémon.

In any case, I am pleased with the amount of Pokémon events in Gen V; Not even Japan had that many events in Gen IV.

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  • 3 weeks later...

There are some mistakes in 'Famitsu' magazin.

Famitsu is a nice magazine, but some people don't like that Famitsu contains errors.:S

Nigoli's confirmanation must be right.:D

I go to Pokemon Center Tokyo and get the Shaymins.

I upload pictures of Shamyn and .zip only temporarily on this thread.

I know well that Nigoli's works are much better and faster.

His data are much appropreate to the contribution thread and collected by everyone.

Guested must show us the event clearly.;)




Thank-you Shaymin.zip




Thank-you Shaymin.zip

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Famitsu got these pics from The Pokémon Company.

Why do you think that?

Famitsu is not an official publication (as in, officially done by Nintendo).

Here's a post I made in the Contribution thread: (I'd like to emphasize "numerous")

Well, numerous sources have corroborated the 12191 ID, so it's clear that that one is the real one.

Famitsu isn't really "official" to begin with, but it's unclear why they used a fake ID in their report.

Due to the timing of this event, I'm unfortunately unable to pick it up myself to confirm it, but there have been enough confirmations of 12191.

And now, with mask checking directly for us, we can definitely be certain.

Thanks for getting it, mask! I couldn't attend this one because of my travel plans, so I'm glad you could!

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