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Favourite Pokemon For Each Type


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Revamped my post because I'm bored. You will be able to see my favourites but I will not put them in spoilers.

You may post your favourites in any manner you wish. I recommend excluding legendaries and Arceus, but I cannot stop you.

I consider: Ferocity, Versatility (moves and nature, not competitively)



When i had just Emerald and no 4th gen during it's release, I was oddly attracted to Yanmega. Something about it was just really cool... Not sure what it is. To be honest, I'm still not really sure. There are a few things to note though: for one, it's cry. Yes, Pokemon cries are very important to my overall impression. Yanmega sounds really cool, and I'd hate to hear it's voice in the anime. Real talk right now, whoever came up with the idea of Pokemon saying their names is dumb. This is helped with it's persona of being a very deadly predator. Did you know Dragonflies have a 97% success rate when hunting? This is because they can remove everything else from their field of vision and focus solely on what they are targeting. It's also very bug-like, more so than some other bugs, and it's actually awesome. It's my favourite Pokemon for my favourite type. Close call is Pinsir.



If you know me, you'd find out that my favourite animal ever is the Vulture. yes, I know that's an odd choice. While at first disappointed that Mandibuzz is female only (would be cool to see another vulture Pokemon), and it's design isn't perfect, I really like Mandibuzz. It's fun to use and it's quite good at what it does, providing an alternative to Skarmory who is outright better otherwise. However, it's Dark type STAB is now neutral towards Steels, meaning Foul Play will be a lot of fun. Furthermore, it gets Brave Bird which hits really hard despite it's awful attack. It's best ability overcoat is buffed as well, now giving it an immunity to powder moves, including sleep powder! Aside from how fun it can be to use, I just love Vultures. They're really cool creatures and lower the disease spread rate. So thank them. Also, I would love to see a Bearded Vulture Pokemon, because Bearded Vultures are really cool. Look it up. Close calls are Honchkrow and Hydreigon.



When I saw Tyrunt I was immediately hyped, but at the same time worried. I didn't want it to be fat and slow. Thankfully, it's not fat, but it's not fast, but it can learn Rock Polish and Dragon Dance (via breeding). It's a T-Rex. I mean, how can you not at least like this thing? Now, call me uncreative, but there are a few things I like about Tyrantrum that you may be missing. First off, the design is much more creative than it appears: It has a kingly appearance, it's not a generic T-Rex, which has it's origins as the T-Rex is often dubbed "King of the Dinosaurs". Furthermore, it has a beard and crown, and if you don't know recent history, dinosaurs, particularly raptors, were discovered to have feathers, and Tyrantrum's beard may be a connection to that. Plus, while it is weaker than it looks as it has a lower BST than the starters, which makes it less intimidating, there's no reason why, initially looking at this thing you'd poop bricks. And Smogon reports that it's DW is Rock Head. Couple this with Head Smash and Rock Polish and it is now the fastest and strongest user of this combo.



After seeing Eelektross's atrocious in game model via Battle Maison, I had to rethink. Like Ice, I really like the type electric as I found myself sort of relying on them through all of my games, but I don't have a particular fondness for any of them. Not in the same way as say, Bug or Rock. Anyway, Luxray is a classic. It's another one of those "I'm blessed with a great design and cry but mediocrity all around the board and having no competitive value". Still, it's one of my favs from Gen 4, at least purely based on design. Galvantula is probably the biggest contender for this spot, though Jolteon and Manectric are hanging onto it closely.



I do sort of feel bad for putting this here, since MegaMawile is outright ridonk, OHKOing things left right front and center and probably being a prime example of a mediocre pokemon turning into a broken one. Still, with that said, aside from it's absurd effectiveness, I like MegaMawile (and Mawile too!) While I will gladly keep one, I will prevent myself from using it competitively. Sometimes. >:3 I just am really drawn to it for some reason. It just looks great and elegant for a ridiculous killer.



My Chinese Zodiac is the pig, and I absolutely love Emboar. Even though it's not the best starter, I love it's design and attitude. I can't wait for Pokemon Bank to come online so I can get meself one of these beauts. It also has one of the coolest shinies for any starter out there!



I'm going to commit yet another cardinal sin by putting a secondary fire Pokemon onto the fire spot. I would've considered Arcanine, Emboar, Chandelure, Flareon, etc, but I cannot turn away from this lovely beast. Volcarona's mother trucking adorable, btw.



Despite the vulture being one of my favourite animals ever (EVER), I just... Noivern is so beautiful. What set it in stone for me is it's cry, and it's combat prowess being akin to that of Crobat, but with slightly different quirks, such as easy access to Frisk and Infiltrator (Crobat gets it via DW), and the ability to have flamethrower to get rid of steels. Despite it's underwhelming stats (which is a trend in gen 6 for some reason), I have gotten myself a Noivern, and it is a very satisfying Pokemon to use and an amazing Pokemon to behold. I also adore it's cry! It sounds very bat-like and just... UGHN. Love it. I really enjoy having it in my team. Shame it appears so late in the game.



While Cofagrigus trails close behind, I love the melancholic nature of Banette. If only it had better stat distribution and stronger physical STAB... And then it got a Mega. It's Mega Evolution is seriously cool, but like MegaMawile, MegaHoundoom, MegaManectric, etc, I really wish it was a standard evolution. I see there being no reason as to why it is. And nerf it a little too.



I love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thing. Cool typing, theme, habitat, dexes... And, unlike Banette, it is actually viable with it's two great attack stats, great abilities, and great movepool. Best avoid this scarecrow during the night, lest you become one of it's victims... Of something. Close calls are Sceptile, Jumpluff and Leafeon.



I find myself liking Rhydon far more than Rhyperior, simply because it's not as fat and... Odd looking. Rhydon is a nifty creature, and is the only NFE I would happily put onto my list. It is one of my favourite Pokemon anyway. I'm a hippie, and with eviolite I'd choose Rhydon over Rhyperior any day. Close calls? Donphan and Sandslash



I'm not fond of the Ice type, or rather I'm a fan of the type itself but not the Pokemon in the type. Walrein is an exception, as it's the only good looking Seal Pokemon, and I always find myself looking at it when I see an ice type. It's a cool walrus, and has pretty good stats as well. Close calls are... Well, probably Aurorus, because it's just beautiful. I like a lot of gen 6 pokemon. Particularly dragons.



I once hated this guy. Loathed, berated, utterly despised. But this is because I sucked and I absolutely feared this monster. With a base stat total of 670, it's nothing to laugh at, were it not for it's sheer laziness. I like to consider Hydreigon and Slaking opposites in a way: Slaking theoretically only fights when it feels to, whereas Hydreigon will attack anything. It is a significant Pokemon to my childhood, which marks it as my favourite normal type. Close calls include Zangoose, Vigoroth, Cincinno, and Tauros.



I love Snakes, but it's a shame that most of them aren't very good. Upon seeing Seviper, I immediately thought that it was really, really cool, and was one of my favourites. I even concepted evolutions for it a while back. I gave it an added type of Dark, and made it's speed higher n' such. That's not important. What is though, is that Seviper is seriously cool. Close calls are Muk and Dragalge.



Gallade is really cool, though it really annoys me Gardevoir gets a mega and Gallade doesn't... Unless he doesn't get one YET. >:3 I hope so, because leaving him in the dust really sucks. Hey, just because Gallade gets a mega doesn't mean it surpasses Gardevoir (theoretically)! But yeah, onto Gallade. Gallade is one of the more memorable Pokemon in my roster. Until, that is, my games got stolen. I don't have much to say, other than that Gallade is a really nifty Pokemon and I had a lot of fun using it.



Behold, my favourite rock type. Nothing comes close to it except Tyrantrum. It will stay in it's position and hold it's ground. Rampardos is simply put one of my favourites out there, period. Sadly, Kabutops just barely loses. Rampardos has always been one of my favourites and shall continue to be my gem.



You've seen two other bugs, and Durant is another one that I love. You expected Scizor or Escavalier? Nah, they're not as awesome. Close calls are Aggron, Skarmory and Metagross. Despite Durant's small size, it's a good example of "it's bite is bigger than it's bark". Furthermore, it's actually not a robot, but it takes iron and metal and moulds it into armour. That my audience is awesome. Also, it hits ludicrously hard as with Hustle it's attack essentially goes up to 522 max. It's a very fun Pokemon to use, from my experience. It's predictable and requires some support, but seriously, when it gets going, SOMETHING WILL GO DOWN. And I love it. Very buggy.



Apparently I found out that a Howitzer is actually a Swedish invention, not German, but meh, I love the name. Also, one may call it uncreative, seeing as how Dragalge becomes a full-fledged sea serpent dragon, whereas Clawitzer gets an even bigger claw-gun. but on closer inspection, it's claw looks very much like a dragon, which may explain it's sheer versatility. Unfortunately, while I do love Dragalge's design, it was not very fun to use. Clawitzer, on the other hand, was a blast to play with, as it has an amazing ability complimented by the fact it can actually abuse whatever it wants with said ability. Basically, it gets STAB on Dark, Dragon, and Fighting type moves without actually getting the weakness to them. These Moves are Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, and Aura Sphere, and Clawitzer if I'm not mistaken has a higher special attack and gets STAB on Aura Sphere, making it stronger than Lucario using the move. Yes, yes, you may be saying this is mostly how it plays but not how it looks. Thing is, one of the tings important to me lately is how a Pokemon plays: not effectiveness but just how much it stands out and how much it can play with. And Clawitzer stands out A LOT, as do a number of Gen 6 Pokemon. Forgive the long description, but it is one of my favourite Pokemon PERIOD. Shame it's pure water, but eh. Two weaknesses is good.

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Lorshy, this is really tough to answer because I really have no true favourites as I like MANY Pokemon of each typing. However, I will answer them as honestly as I can.




Generally I like almost every bug; it is difficult for me to single out any that I dislike. Ultimately I picked Heracross in the end? Why? I'm not entirely sure why I like this one. In fact, it does not match my usual taste for elegance and beauty. Heracross is one burlesque Pokemon with muscles and brawn. Perhaps it is because Heracross is blue, which is my favourite colour. Or perhaps it was experience with the Heracross I used throughout my old Gold version. Or maybe I liked his personality in the anime, which was sucking Bulbasaur's sap and overall friendly. I try to use this guy in battles too, and because his Megahorn just owns he became one of my staple Pokemon. I do like the other strong bugs such as Scizor, Pinsir and Scyther, but out of all of them, I can say Heracross has always been my consistent favourite and I was really annoyed when people were saying how Scizor completely outclassed it competitively, which is untrue.




Dark has never been a favourite type of mine, but one Pokemon of the little amount of Dark types has always stood out for me, and that is Tyranitar. This is because Tyranitar is based on my favourite dinosaur: the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The King of Tyrants! What's more? Tyranitar happens to be one of the most competitively apt Pokemon out there, with a ginormous movepool, an automatic sandstorm which boosts his special defence by 1.5x (Gen IV +) monstrous stats, and overall great utility. If you are battling in a competitive environment, expect to see expert battlers and beginner battlers alike using this beast. He's just that good at what he does. Like I've said, I don't like Dark types in general, but a close runner up would be Absol because it is just beautiful. At least that's what I think. It looks feminine, composed, relaxed, and rather cold. Umbreon is also cool for me because she is an Eeveelution, and because that monster of a wall is such a difficult monster to take down.




Another Pseudolegendary? You'd think I like these guys because they're competitive amazing. Well that is part of it, but it is not completely true. I probably would have put Dragonair up here, but I often find myself admiring the orange barney-esque dragon more and more every day. He has a large movepool, amazing STAB attacks, great bulk and power, cute and best of all, friendly to his trainer and others! Yeah I know everybody loves their sinister looking Salamence, but try to get that thing to warm up to you! I would prefer a kind yet powerful dragon over a malevolent one. Also, he is the very symbol of achievement. In order to get a small Dratini into the powerful Dragonite, one would need to train it until level 55 in order to become that! Yeah sure, Generation V trolled on this with the introduction of monsters that evolve at level 59 or 64, but still, this guy was the ORIGINAL. Also, Generation V gave him all sorts of new great toys like Multiscale and STAB Hurricane, but guess what? I liked Dragonite BEFORE this and even liked it when Salamence debuted, and we all know how unremarkable this guy was back then. Trump that! I do like all the other dragons too, however, but Dragonite will always be my favourite.




This lovable sheep happens to be my favourite electric. I really don't like electric Pokemon in general, but I do like this sheep only because of her friendliness. Yeah, so far that seems to be the trend so far with the Pokemon I like with the notable exception of Tyranitar. I just seem to go here and there. Sheep are docile creatures and I think they're rather cute. I know Ampharos looks nothing like one, but Mareep and Flaaffy certainly are. And Ampharos isn't another boring fast but fragile electric; this one happens to be the bulky and powerful one. Then there is the fact that Ampharos lights up lighthouses as seen in the GSC/HGSS games, and I really felt for Jasmine when Amphy went all sick. I guess that's more the reason to like this kind electric sheep. I also like Jolteon and Raichu I suppose. An interesting fact about the former two; they were the only Pokemon to evolve from a Thunderstone until Eelektross was introduced.




Okay, this was difficult because I do like a few fighters. However, out of all the fighters, Gallade stood out for me because he is part of the Ralts line. Well, that is one reason, but I also like the fact that Gallade is very versatile in competitive battling; he has a lot of moves that have a higher critical hit rate such as Leaf Blade and Night Slash, he has access to moves that are atypical of fighters such as Will-o-Wisp and Thunder Wave, and he has a semi unique typing in Psychic/Fighting. Yeah, okay, I know the Meditite line also shares this typing and was introduced before Gallade, but Gallade can claim his fame for his own. He's very cool in my book and is the perfect chivalrous knight.




Those who know me enough by now should already know how much I love this fox. I love fox in real life as well, but this one is beautiful, elegant, crafty, and overall very noble. She's a dream package in one! If you ever battle me you will often see me using Ninetales. Also her competitive movepool is pretty high for a Fire Pokemon and some of her moves reflect her deceptiveness such as Hypnosis and Confuse Ray. She also has some ghost like traits like a youkai, so in a way she is the Pokemonification (is that a word?) of the harmony between Western and Oriental characteristics, which I really like. What's so western about her? I don't know... perhaps I'm thinking a lot about fox hunts in England. At any rate, there is no contest; Ninetales is my absolute favourite Fire Pokemon and one of my favourite Pokemon overall. And yes, I loved this one way before Drought Ninetales was introduced. That doesn't mean she is the only Fire Pokemon I like. I really like fierce legendary bird Moltres and especially love the loyal Windy (Arcanine) and I use them often in battles as well. Of course, who could forget about Flareon?




No surprises here right? Well, I like a lot of birds... so this was really tough. However I will just say why I like this guy; he looks majestic. Okay yeah, it is the same excuse I've used for nearly every Pokemon I've covered so far here, but let's say I fly around with Pidgeot often in the games I have played, despite the fact there are many other birds better than Pidgeot. Pidgeot also gained a signature move in the form of Hurricane in Generation V, though a lot of others such as Dragonite gained the move as well. I can see Pidgeot's strength is in creating powerful winds while other birds are physical attackers with their beaks or wings. This thing also flies at the speed of Mach-2, but I wish his stats would reflect that. Yes I love other birds too, especially the legendary birds of Kanto. Let's not forget Flying type is not limited to birds; things like Gyarados or Dragonite can also qualify. I'm not sure if I disilke any of them actually.




I'm putting Froslass here because I have a lot of Ice Pokemon who happen to be my favourites. I also love a LOT of ghost Pokemon, and it may be one of my favourite types, despite me shunning them in real life. I don't know, I've always liked ghost Pokemon for some strange reason. Why Froslass though? Because she is elegant- oh as usual. Well, I really love Ice Pokemon and I love Ghost types as well, and seeing a mix of both is just something I've always wished for. Also, I don't think she could have turned out any better. Asides from lacking Will-o-Wisp and having stats leaving much to be desired, this is the very Icy Ghost Pokemon I have always wished for. She is crafty, sinister and cold like most ghosts should be. Yeah they're not great traits, but still, I love playing tricks with my opponents whenever I battle using this trickster. I remember being absolutely horrified whenever everyone would call Froslass ugly. Other ghosts I really like are the Misdreavus line, the Drifloon line, and the Gastly line.




This one was very tough for me because I really love all Grass Pokemon except for the Ferroseed line. What is strange is that I generally don't like Generation V Pokemon, but this one is an exception. Why would that be? She has the very characteristics of a noble Pokemon of course! A French serpentine Pokemon with a fleur-de-lis engraved on her belly is just too awesome to pass. She also has that condescending countenance where she is subtly implying "I am better than you!" That was a characteristic of the French nobles of those times, yes, but not of Louis XVI nor Marie Antoinette. I generally do not like serpents, but something about Serperior just makes me like her. Runner ups you ask? Meh I like them all; I don't have a clear favourite with Grassers, but I'll say Sceptile the Lord of the Forest is one I'd take anytime. I also tend to run Victreebel a lot since I had one in my old Blue version.




This one was really difficult for me too, but ultimately I ended up picking Swampert because I loved having a water starter that was immune to electric attacks. Swampert was a fun guy to have around in my Hoenn party and I almost always picked him every time I started a file. Okay, yeah Quagsire came before Swampert, but I could not start with Quagsire from the very beginning, so I guess Swampert gets my vote. Other ground types I really like include Sandslash, for being notoriously cool; Dugtrio, for giving me the time of my life in Pokemon Yellow; Marowak, for being incredibly powerful with Thick Club; and Donphan for being an elephant that can look like a wheel of a truck.




This was another really really difficult decision to make because I like EVERY Ice Pokemon in existence... I think. However I ended up with the beautiful Articuno, who never ceased to captivate me since the RBY days. Out of the three legendary birds, it was always my favourite mainly because blue is my favourite colour, but it was always the underpowered one as well. That made me rage quite hard but in the end, this would be my legendary bird of choice. I like all the other Ice types too, such as Glaceon, Froslass, Jynx, Mamoswine, and all the rest. It is simply because Ice is my favourite type. Well actually, so is Water and possibly Grass and Dragon. So undecisive here :(




Eh to be honest with you I don't have a true favourite Normal type, as I like most of them, but I guess I will go with Blissey. To me, she's absolutely adorable. To most of everybody else, she is absolutely loathesome because of those heavily polarised stats in HP and Special Defence, making her the absolute best special wall in the game. I don't know, I really like the Happiny / Chansey line for some reason and I cannot fathom why. While everyone else is busy annoyed by this thing, I cannot seem to hate her at all. I also like Kangaskhan, Tauros and Miltank very much.




I like Nidoqueen because it was my first Nido in my Blue version. I liked how she would evolve quite early enough for me to Moon Stone her at level 16, making her an invaluable member of my team. I never found the male ones until I played my brother's Red version since they were a lot more common there. The male is better in-game or competitively, to be honest, but the female has a defensive edge over her male counterpart, making her invaluable as a utility Pokemon with Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rocks. What I really like about the Nidos in general is their large movepool; they can learn almost anything! I also like the fact their suffix denotes royalty, so I always make sure I pack them in my in-game team somewhere. At any rate, I guess Nidoqueen is my fave and Nidoking is the runner up. Other Poisons I like are those many Grass/Poisons that we find in Gen I and the Gastly line... at least those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head. The other Poisons like Muk and Weezing tend to be too gross for me, but I like them in a special way as well.





A humanoid Psychic Pokemon that looks like an elegant ballroom dancer? Yes please! Ghost like characteristics? Check. Large movepool? Check. Unique ability? Um... kind of, but check! There's just so many things I like about Gardevoir. Unlike other Psychics before, Gardevoir is versatile and isn't heavily geared towards a single role. For example, Alakazam was built to be a powerful special sweeper and Hypno was designed as a wallish Psychic. Gardevoir can manage multiple things which makes her more fun to use for me, in my opinion. The runner up here is my former favourite Mewtwo. Mewtwo displayed an incredible personality in the movies and whatnot, so I really liked him. He's incredibly powerful and complex, but I was really annoyed at how weak they made him at Super Smash Bros Melee. Other Psychics I like are Cresselia, Espeon, Jynx, Starmie, Exeggutor, and a few others.




Since I've already covered Tyranitar, I guess I'll go with another favourite Rock Pokemon of mine. Rhyperior, Rhydon, whatever it is, they're both equal to me in terms of who I like. This guy looks really cool I think and has an incredibly large movepool. Hmm hang on a minute. It seems most Pokemon I pick here have a large movepool of some kind. I just figured that out and maybe I prefer versatility. However Rhyperior is very one dimensioned and attacks from the physical side. I remember trying to Surf a Typhlosion to death in my Gold version; that Typhlosion defeated my Rhydon with a few Flame Wheels before I could take it down with Surf. That's how pathetic Rhydon's special attack is. Other Rocks I like are the fossil Pokemon (particularly Aerodactyl) and Onix for some strange reason.




This was a difficult decision for me because I like a lot of Steels. But in the end I picked Empoleon because I love Water Pokemon... and he is based off Napoleon. I mean, just how cool is a penguin in a tuxedo? Napoleon just happens to be one of history's greatest commanders and although I do not like how he spread republicanism all across Europe and install his family as monarchs of his conquered territories, he was a tragic hero who restored order to Revolutionary France. I still like his nephew Napoleon III better though. History aside, Empoleon's unique typing is really why I like him. Water/Steel is just cool and Empoleon has decent stats that can help him be a special tank or a special sweeper of some kind. Gamefreak thought it was funny to give him Swords Dance and a lot of physical attacks, but such is the nature of a trollish game company. Oh well. Runner up? Hmm, maybe Steelix, Metagross, Aggron or Skarmory. I don't know.




Way to give me a VERY DIFFICULT type to pick a favourite from... I like ALL Water Pokemon and so it is impossible to select what I like the most. But for now I'll select Lapras, the friendly transport Pokemon based off the Plesiosaur and the Loch Ness monster. To me Lapras represents exploration. Surfing reasons aside, I'm very interested in cryptozoology in real life, which is finding creatures that are otherwise obscured by myths and hearsays from natives of different nations. Lapras represents to me just that; the Loch Ness monster and all the other unidentified creatures of this world are a mystery to me and so one day I'd love to discover something about them. That also explains why I really like Tropius when few others find anything about it remarkable; it is based off another creature called the Mokele-Mbembe in the Congos. Yeah, you think I'm crazy now, but I don't care. That's who I am and that part of me won't change. Lapras is also versatile and even has access to dragon moves (even Gamefreak seems to acknowledge its draconic roots) and overall a useful battler. Runner ups? Too many to decide... I like them all :/

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My favorite Pokemon for each type:



I've honestly never had much liking for Bug-types, but Mothim is about as close as it comes. I plan to use him next time I play Platinum to see how he does (along with Torterra and four other rather unconventional Pokemon, because I always pick the Grass starter). 94 in both offenses isn't too bad (in Platinum's set of 210 Pokemon where not many can do better), and he learns some interesting moves leveling up. I'd never use this thing competitively, but it is, in my opinion, the best bug in the system.



Dark has always been one of my favorite types, but Umbreon has always been at the #1 spot. He was especially awesome when I used him in SoulSilver to beat Lance after I accidentally forgot to switch him out of the top of my party (BTW: There is a way you can get both Curse and Wish onto Umbreon (or any other Eeveelution) if you so choose to do it without cheating or going through the entire game). But even before then, he was always one of my favorites. He has that look like a Pokemon that is seemingly cuddly at first, but will rip you to shreds if it doesn't like you, which makes me like him even more. "If you mess with me, I'll send my Umbreon on you!"



Another exception to the "not a fan of bugs" Pokemon, but considering Flygon is hardly a Bug in the first place, I'm not sure if he counts. Flygon has always been one of my favorite Hoenn Pokemon because of his versatile movepool, good all-around stats, good typing that used to be exclusive (Damn you, Garchomp!), and because he literally looks like he could fly around the globe with just a few flaps. Since I like the RSE series more than any other (although the Unova games have really grown on me as well), and I've found Flygon to be really useful there, he has probably made the Hall of Fame in Hoenn 50 times by now, and not al in the same team (or game!).



Electric is another one of those types which generally encompasses Pokemon that don't appeal to me much. Jolteon is an exception, however, with Zebstrika a close second. I'm a sucker for all the Eeveelutions, but especially Jolteon (although Umbreon still wins), whose blisteringly fast speed helped me in basically every game I've ever used him in. It especially helps in Sinnoh, with all those darn Gyaradoses all over the place. It's fun to use, particularly when you're in a region that's loaded with Water-types (like Sinnoh).



If there's one thing besides tons of water that make up the crux of Sinnoh, it's the fact that there are also a few pretty cool Pokemon that are either Poison or Fighting-type. Kermit's evil twin here has an excellent ability (Dry Skin) that makes it very able in rainy areas and when your Empoleon is using Surf in a Doubles match. Try handling THAT, Infernape. Oh, yeah, and don't forget Lucario. He's cool too.



For pretty much the same reasons as wraith, I am a huge Ninetales fan. Tied with Umbreon for my favorite, you can bet I was thrilled when he got access to Drought (I say 'he' because the Vulpix I got in the Dream World was male, but since he had a good nature and good IV's when I put him in my Black version, I kept him). But he was always one of my favorites, including inducing burns on things in 3rd Generation with Will-O-Wisp and scaring the living daylights out of things that don't take Special hits well by spamming Nasty Plot and Energy Ball in 4th. I could go on, but if you read wraith's testimony, you'll pretty much find all the other reasons why I also love Ninetales.



Dis boid is da boss! You don' wanna mess wit' dis boid or dis boid'll blow ya head off! Putting that Bugsy Malone talk aside, Honchkrow, being a Dark-type, is naturally one of my favorites, and while his competitive battling capability isn't stellar (Honchkrow leers angrily at me), he still touts his boss-like stature, complete with the fedora and puffed-out chest. Flying-types are another thing that, in my opinion, got more cool in 4th generation. Some other favorites include Staraptor, Shaymin-S, and Braviary.



I pick the Grass starter 80% of the time when I start a game, and it's because I love spamming moves like Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, etc. Now, that may not be what Sceptile does best, but he still has plenty of other traits that I love. His whole line is slightly reminiscent of one of my favorite non-Pokemon characters (Yoshi), and his ridiculously high Speed enables him to get around a lot of things (particularly in Hoenn, where the closest ones to him are things like Ninetales and Salamence) and paste them with all kinds of moves; Earthquake, Leaf Blade, Thunderpunch, Dragon Claw, to name a few. Not bad for a starter, eh?



Who doesn't love eating valuable rocks that would sell for millions? Sableye thinks they're a gourmet treat that show off true artisan style. I think that description of eating diamonds (as his Emerald Dex says) is so funny that it's why Sableye is my favorite Ghost-type. Oh, and did I mention he has Prankster with Spite, Will-O-Wisp, and Recover?

A special shout-out also goes to Golurk. Who wouldn't want an undead robot to show off?

EDIT: The Dex order here is wrong, Sableye is #302; Delcatty is #301.



I only picked Hippopotas for one reason, actually; I think he has the most bizarre sound of any Pokemon in existence. Even Hippowdon doesn't sound anything like it. This title really goes to:


Aye matey, that be Krookodile, who be wicked with Moxie and all kinds of powerful moves!



*Note: This image belongs to Serebii; if it's wrong for me to have it here, I will remove it and try to find another one*

Ice, another type that doesn't appeal to me as much. But I've always thought Pokemon needed a polar bear, and Beartic having a reasonable movepool that can include Icicle Crash and Brick Break makes him useful against the last two gyms. Interesting how both Beartic and Ursaring are both in two-stage evolution lines where the pre-evo is basically a teddy bear and the final form is a destructive beast.


:bidoof: Bidoof?!?! Get outta there! You're not my favorite Normal-type and you know it damn well.


At first glance, Linoone seems like a run-of- the-mill final evolution of a two-stage rodent line. But see, that's where you'd be wrong right away - Linoone is so awesome precisely because he's NOT a rodent. Linoone is a mustelid, and that's what starts out putting him above Raticate and Watchog (albeit Furret is also a mustelid, but it has pointed ears, so that doesn't quite count). Linoone has both Belly Drum and a semi-maybe-kinda-passable movepool to go with it, plus he also has enough speed to compete with some of the big boys of the competitive scene (like Ninetales, Salamence, Flygon, Zapdos, etc). If you pointed a gun to my head and told me I had to use one of the members of the 2-stage normal-type early-Dex-number quadrupedal mammal clan, hands down I would choose Linoone.



Bug? Hardly. This mass is a venomous, lethal scorpion that will rip anything that comes near it to shreds. Drapion is my favorite Sinnoh Pokemon, and to be honest, I think it belongs on Cyrus's team much more than Houndoom. Admittedly, that would mean I wouldn't be able to lay claim to being the fifth, and best by far, Galactic commander, and that would suck. Drapion does not lack in versatility either, with several good moves such as Earthquake, Poison Jab, Aqua Tail, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Crunch, Toxic Spikes, to name a few. Only annoyance I've found with him is that you can only find him by looking through the binoculars and trudging through the Great Marsh. But if you can brave it, and I have, it's worth it.



Enter the great green gummy bear of awesomeness! Reuniclus is another of my favorite Unova Pokemon, up there with Beartic and Krookodile. I'm not surprised at all the competitive hype surrounding him, either; Magic Guard works excellently in his favor, especially when you consider his Speed making it hard for him to move ahead of the masses (I have one at Lv. 71, and a Golbat on Route 13 is still faster than him), and once you use CM, he just starts decimating things.



It's the moon! Solrock can't be the Sun, since it'd be so bright you'd go blind. But Lunatone is one top-notch satellite. Truth be told, I've never been a big fan of Rock-types, and I often don't use them, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with this...er, object here.

Steel and Water:


Eat your heart out, Batman - this Penguin wins every time. Yes, Empoleon is both my favorite Steel-type AND my favorite Water-type, and this emperor penguin will easily hurt anything that stands in its way (except maybe Ferrothorn - that's who Batman should team up with). Pretty much ever since I read Mr. Popper's Penguins eons ago, penguins have become my favorite birds, especially to watch. To see an Empoleon using Surf through a screen isn't exactly the same thing, but it's not ridiculously far away from it either.

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Oh, about that Pokedex order thing; don't use HGSSSPRITE tag for anything above 251; it just messes up for some unknown reason. Use the SPRITE tag instead for that. SPRITE tag yields Platinum sprites, and HGSSSPRITES yields HGSS sprites... and since anything above 251 are basically the same thing in HGSS as Platinum (though there were some MINOR corrections such as shiny Milotic's whiskers), I would use that instead.

Your tastes were very interesting to read about. Although it seems we are opposites in many respects, there were some overlaps (I am not too fond of Unova, but that's another story). I would have picked Sceptile if Serperior didn't exist though... I am rather fond of that creature as well. or possibly Meganium... I don't know. It is funny; I picked the Water starter most of the time (if not all the time) but as I grew up I started picking the Grass type more and more. I have yet to pick Samurott in BW however and only started with Serperior.

In response to your Umbreon; his mother met an artist. And I have been bossing around with Honchkrow lately; he's not bad (and he hurts like a truck!), just relatively slow and overall fragile.

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  • 5 months later...

Ello' bro. Heard you wanted me to post? I tend to favour the "prettier" or "feminine" pokemon, but I a balance when it comes to my favorites:



I didn't have a large interest in Bug types until this fellow came along. Themed after a knight (so to speak), I generally liked how cool it looked, along with its defenses and type. Escavalier is also among the few manly pokemon I use.



Ah, my mischievous wee one. Having had a Weavile for a decent while, along with my experience with it, it's among my favourite Dark types in my roster, though other pokemon such as Zoroark, Absol, Umbreon, and Liepard are among other general favorites.



Latias will always remain my favorite Dragon type, as well as legendary. Its cute yet sleek design (could almost consider her pretty) had me aim for acquiring one for general use. Besides, its only cheap if it has Soul Dew, Correct?



Not an original favorite, but I've only been compelled to using it for the longest time. It's adorable and lively, and I like the idea of use an NFE for one of my type coverages.



I've had no issues with a majority of Fighting type pokemon, but Sawk stood out. I liked its straightforward stats and its theme, which urged me to acquire it for use.



The beauty of all Fire types, Ninetales was and remains one of my ultimate childhood favorites. It has a mystical, mysterious theme, while being very elegant. It's shiny is also amazing, referencing to its more "ghostly" side.



Although I have a few likes in this category, I settled with Dragonite. It defies tradition (along with Latias) that dragons are vicious and menacing. It has a cute face (though, on some sprites, it looks goofy), and a more lovable theme.



Froslass just appeals to me. It gives me a mixture of different vibes, but overall I see it as a mysterious, yet elegant Ghost type. Referencing to Kimonos and myth, a more characteristic Ghost type, if you ask me.



Oh lord, it was a long wait. I was tempted by Leafeon, but my brother established with one already, so I didn't bother. But, I didn't have to, as 5th gen came along and this lovely flower was born. A stable special-attacking Grass type, and also among the few to know Quiver Dance, I was quite comfortable calling this pokemon my favorite Grass type.



This badass is my general favorite in the Ground type list, though Flygon follows suit. A deadly wall with killer eyes and an awesome cry for 2nd gen, Steelix and I share similar interests.



All Eevee forms are beauties, but Glaceon makes my favorite in the Ice type. Overall elegance while also being very serious looking appeals to me greatly, especially since it has durability.



A cannon and my favorite Normal type, Porygon-Z is much more likable than its pre-evolutions, and its cry is cool. Also, it had a creepy thing going on, referencing to rampancy. It's surprising that something like this one would end up among my favorites, especially since I liked Lopunny in the past.



I know I mentioned earlier that I didn't like a whole lot of Bug types, Venomoth is another exception. Venomoth looks pretty streamlined for a gen 1 pokemon. It looks cool, especially for a moth. Later "moth" pokemon just don't compare to this eerie Poison type.



In the case of my own Gardevoir, she is the princess of my roster and my ultimate favorite pokemon. Her elegance, cry, theme, and everything else associate with this ballroom angel just makes me want to hug her! However, it's puzzling that Gardevoir can be a male, as well, but I'm not going to complain about that. Its not like they knew they were going to make Gallade.



The mystical, sun-loving Solrock is generally my favorite Rock type, though Aggron could easily be so, as well. It has a level of detail not seen in other "artifact" (non-living/object) pokemon. It looks wise, yet somewhat intimidating (I mean, do you want this thing to rapidly spin towards you?).



Such a beautiful, yet so manly pokemon that just reeks of "Look at these muscles!" The pain train of my roster, Aggron has the colour scheme of awesome, and a cool warcry. If you don't have any special attackers, this thing will stick around for a bit, unless you have a powerful Fighting, Ground, or Water type. Don't get any ideas...



This beautiful creature just so happens to be my favorite Water type, and, back in my childhood, still holding a high spot, too, is among my ultimate favorites. Its fox-like features combined with aquatic features was a successful concept made by Ken, and it was a quick love-on-first-sight ordeal. Also happens to be my more successful pokemon in my roster.

Here's the runner up:


I'm a big Psychic and Dark fan, amireit?

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Heres a tip on doing this a bit more professionally:

Dual types can show up in 2 types, also meaning they have inherently better chances of appearing in your fav list lol.

Each pokemons types have a set order by design.

If a pokemon has 2 types, say Cacturne, the first one is its main type, the second is the extra, so Cacturne is a Grass poke firstly, but its also sneaky.

If you need proof that its not by some random order, compare Spiritomb and Sableye or Geodude and Rhyhorn. They have reverse types.

Flying type gets the door then though (unless you like Tornadus alot), which makes sense however. I mean if you think of, say, Moltres, its a Fire pokemon... then Flying too. Only one proper Fire type should be on the list.

Also alphabetical is lame xD

There is an official type order:

Normal Fire Water Electric Grass Psychic Fighting Poison Ground Flying Dragon Bug Rock Ghost Ice Steel Dark


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I get what you're saying, but it's fine however you wish to present it. And I think many of us are aware of the primary/secondary typing rule. Many are obvious (Chinchou, Hoppip), but some are not (Sableye, Spiritomb). Just because Rhyhorn's secondary typing is Rock doesn't mean it isn't a Rock Pokemon. I would have thought it was primarily Rock though, but what would I know? And some of us have a hard time deciding so we filter in a Pokemon whose secondary typing is being asked. I guess, though, the default layout being prompted is a bit messy.

I'm sure the official ordering went:

Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel... at least from the old manuals. However one wants to order things is fine really.

And um... maybe you want to explain why the Pokemon you listed are your faves, that is... if you want to *shys away*

Nice faves though.

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Perhaps the spoiler idea is a bit tedious and repetitive, but I am doing it in the way it is done on dA and probably some other sites, as in, each favourite is listed in alphabetical order. Also, although there are those who already did it, you're not really meant to choose the same Pokemon for two types. And who says it has to be done based on "what is their primary type"? Billions of people who have done this have chose mixed types. So, aside from how it's posted, and not to sound arrogant, but I'm doing this solely how it was made by Aqua.

However if you think you want to order it like that, fine, but I'm doing this in the sort of format that was presented and turned into a meme.

I could polish the thread so that it is easier to post. I'll look into that. :/

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hehe of course you can do it however you want, but note that it discriminates single type pokemon.

For example you can only consider Arcanine when thinking of Fire pokes, unlike a Houndoom which could make it on Dark too.

The type order was from the official japanese pokedex, but seems awfully similar yeah.

It makes sense they changed it slightly though with Ice now at the end with the other fancy types ala Steel Ghost Dark :B

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For example you can only consider Arcanine when thinking of Fire pokes, unlike a Houndoom which could make it on Dark too.

Erm... It discriminates? it's not really the lists' fault if a Pokemon does not have a secondary type. The idea was that you don't choose multiple Pokemon, because if you did, well, it just doesn't really work properly... Most people I've seen do this meme do not have repeated favourites for a different type.

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Beautifly: As odd as it sounds, it was my favorite bug Pokemon, but only because it won me SO MANY contests in Sapphire version.



Hydreigon: This Pokemon is awesome. It is by far the most epic dark type Pokemon out there. Also, did you know the creativity behind its name? Hy= root word for Hydra, the Greek mythological multiheaded dragon/serpent; Drei= German for "three"; Gon= second half of the word "dragon". Put them all together an you get one epic Pokepun. Then again, many Pokemon names are a pun in sum shape or form.



Latias: The dragon Pokemon I absolutely HAD TO HAVE. I wanted it because it always taunted me with its elusiveness and ways to escape my captures endless times in my Sapphire and Emerald versions. After I finally caught it, it became my favorite dragon Pokemon in my collection.



Pikachu: By far my favorite Pokemon in existence because it was my absolute very first Pokemon in any Pokemon game (I had Yellow version obviously), plus I was a huge fan of it in the anime, which ironically enough, Yellow Version was based on the anime. This was also my very first shiny Pokemon (Shiny Gyarados does NOT count).



Keldeo: Although this pokemon is still unreleased in America, I still love this Pokemon. I'm going to be perfectly honest in saying that I have no idea why.



Charizard: If there was ever a bad...you know... then it is none other than Charizard! Back in Gen 1, he was by far the coolest evolution of any starter. In fact, I remember the day when you were popular and everyone wanted to be your friend just because you had a shiny Charizard pokemon trading card. Ah, those were the days.



Pidgeot: I admit, I mainly liked him since his epic appearance in the anime when he fended off the Fearow and flock of Spearow. He has stuck with me ever since.



Gengar: The original supreme ghost pokemon. His devilishly and Ghastly (pun intended) grin is scarey good. If there was ever a NON-LEGENDARY villain that was a pokemon, this would be the top contestant.



Grovyle: This pokemon is one of those Pokemon you just absolutely had to have because he is so awesome. In the anime, when he put that wheat in his mouth, you know stuff got serious.



Whiscash: I'm sorry, but I simply love this Pokemon's derp face.



Lapras: My favorite ice type Pokemon. In Red/Blue/Yellow, a trainer is begging to give this amazing and beautiful creature because he abused it. Do not laugh, but I felt a responsibility to take care of it due to this and I just HAD to have it in my team at all times like I did with Pikachu.



Herdier: The main reason I like this Pokemon is because it is the second Pokemon to remind me of my dog that I had to put down. :(



Arbok: Arbok is the coolest poison type pokemon in my opinion. I love how they turned a kobra (pun intended) to an awesome Pokemon. This used to be one snake you NEVER wanted to mess with.



Grumpig: I love this Pokemon because it makes me hungry....for more bacon. Can I have some scrambled Eggsecute on the side?



Tyranitar: Simply the Godzilla of the Pokemon, he is as dark and evil as his typing and powerful crunch. He is so awesome, especially when showed in the anime as "Dark" Tyranitar (whose name is ironic in itself). He was a must have, especially since he was the answer to my prayers against my brother's team of SIX MEWTWOs in his Gold / Crystal versions. Yes, he was that dedicated to play through his Red version that many times just for more Mewtwos.



Scizor: What is not to love about this fast red demon of steel? He is and will always be my favorite steel just because he is so awesome.



Suicune: The mystified water legendary, Suicune has always fascinated me. Oh how elusive it was in my Gold version, but Crystal made its glory truly shine. This water pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart. Even its theme music started in Crystal version.



Swellow: lol Facade. Plus he is just cool.

As for where I got the animated Sprites...


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You know... it is funny because some of your Pokemon appear as main characters of the spin-off series Mystery Dungeon. Gengar is an antagonist in Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue as the leader of Team Meanies (which, by its name, are a bunch of bullies consisting of Gengar, Medicham, and Ekans). Grovyle is one of the important characters of Mystery Dungeon 2, and he is pretty cool too.

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Erm... It discriminates? it's not really the lists' fault if a Pokemon does not have a secondary type. The idea was that you don't choose multiple Pokemon, because if you did, well, it just doesn't really work properly... Most people I've seen do this meme do not have repeated favourites for a different type.

Yes, its not fair game for single typed pokemon.

Not choosing the same, but considering it twice. It has better chances of getting on the list if it has 2 types.

say you consider your favourite for type1, and one pokemon barely fails to make it.

If it has a second type it'll take the spot for type2, preventing all true type2 pokemon to even get on the list.

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I apologize that the list wasn't made specifically for single type pokemon, that they have a singular type, and that other pokemon that have multiple types have a higher likelihood to appear.

however, even with that "higher likelihood", ultimately the person will choose what.

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