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Nintendo Pokemon Rom Editor

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Nintendo Pokemon Rom Editor[/size]

by pichu2001



Almost three month ago i started working on a potential NDS Pokemon Editor.

At first, i worked with Visual Basic, and i released two betas (link at bottom).

A month ago i decided to convert my tool in Visual C#, and finally i "insert" my new code in the SentryAlphaOmega's Map Viewer. So, let's me release the beta 1.0, as a Christmas Present!


- Open, edit and save DPP, HGSS, BW Map.

- - - Open, save, edit Movement (Tested only for DPP, HGSS - BW may be work.)

- - - Open, save, edit Object( Add and delete function should work also if in the original map there aren't object)

- - - Open, save, edit Nsbmd Part(Only you can obscurate a Polygon(The edit part is very buggy))

- - - Event Viewer(Not linked with map, you must extract zone_event(release if DP) internal file)

- - - Save a map as NSBMD.

- - - Show some other useful stuff(Regarding Nsbmd part)

How to Use

  1. First go to the little directory on menu, and open a map from BW, HGSS, or DPP.
  2. If the map is a real map, you can see a Dialog Box, in which you must choose from which game the Map is extracted.
  3. Now you should can see the first Polygon of the map(Swap with Rotate, Zoom and Elevation for having a better camera). You can choose the PolygonVisible from the apposite command; if you wanna remove polygon click on Remove, after go to Save from main menu.
  4. There's other three tab: Objects, Movement and Other.

    1. Object: You simply edit the values into the table, and click Save. If you wanna delete an Object, select the row, click on Delete, click on Save, and later Save the Map from main menu. You can add object with the same method.
    2. Movement: Like object, you can edit the cells, than click on Save button.
      Also you can select a group of cells, right click with mouse, choose the new movement, and click on it (Not fully insert).
    3. [*] Event Viewer is a different part of the program. You can view an event file going to Other Section, click on Event, and go to Open Event.

      Choose the event file and see the info into the three table(Edit coming soon).





      NPRE beta 001 26-9-2011


      NPRE beta 002 11-11-2011


      NPRE beta 1.0 21-12-2011


      For any bug or suggestion, don't hesitate!


Edited by pichu2001
Beta 1.0 Released
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Map hacking is begin. . . . . Thank you xD

Lol i post my comment on my mobile phone. but size is 20 KB sure?, i think is no really map hacking :v i not sure about this also i can't download them from 4shared is always nulls, i was using link premium generator, my browser and minopy all are not working to download this file. so is....

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  • 1 month later...

I decided to release beta002 for my tool. There's the feature

- Same of beta001 (With fixed part, thanks to 805587804)

- Display bw movement and models(not edit yet)

- Display a lot of useful info of nsbmd file (not edit yet)

For the 1.0 version I wanna insert a nsbmd viewer, like suggest team fail, but it's very difficult to implement a opengl viewer(if someone wanna help me, i appreciate.)

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  • 5 weeks later...

Some news!

A month ago, I decided to inglobate my tool on PG4Map source code, so during this period I was rewriting my tool in C#(Very long work, but necessary)

I wanna give you news about status of new tool.

-Showing NSBMD(100%) (thanks to Sentry)

-Showing only certain polygon(70%).

-Swapping from texture mode to wireframe(70%)

-Loading Verticles and info(100%)

-Loading Movements(100%)

-Loading Object(100%)

Here'ìs an image of the actual new interface.


The conversion is still at early stage(I don't know if i convert narc part, is very long...) but i hope to reach beta 003 before 1st january 2012.

Stay tuned!

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  • 4 years later...

Hi! I'm definitely a beginner here. I installed it, i extracted it, i opened it but i don't know the little directory you are saying is it in Source/NPRE? Then I opened the exe file, I clicked file then open then I chose the NDS file. I followed the ORIGINAL README.txt and clicked "a" then "0" then "0" then "8". Then i clicked Map Editor, then another window popped out. I clicked File then Open then Map then I chose the NDS file, another window popped out, then I tried to use each one of the choices but it failed, am I doing wrong?

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