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Metroid Movie: Your Choice to Play Samus Aran


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Hello everyone,

So here's a thought. Let's assume that there will ever be a Metroid movie. Who would make the best actress to portray Samus Aran?

For a starting point, please see this article. Definitely make your own suggestions if you have any! But keep in mind that this is not about who "the hottest actress" is, as a good Samus must also be able to kick butt and take names. (Otherwise I would just pick Scarlett Johansson and be done with it.)

As for me, I have not made a final choice yet, but if Uma Thurman were younger I'd pick her probably.

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Hm. I'd pick either Milla Jovovich, Charlize Theron, or Kate Beckinsale.

Jovovich was Alice in all of the RE movies, so you know she can kick ass. The same goes for Charlize in Aeon Flux. As for Kate Beckinsale, go watch Underworld. I love that movie, and really, the biography of Selene (Beckinsale's character in Underworld) is pretty similar to Samus's. Beckinsale was also in Van Helsing (I can't remember her characters name, it was Anna or something .-. ).

My top would be Jovovich, followed by Beckinsale. Theron would be kind of a last resort. :/

Oh, and I never found Scarlett Johansson to be attractive. :P I guess since I'm a girl, I'm not a good judge, but I find Beckinsale and Jovovich to be much more attractive. :<

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Just so you know, it is impossible to keep me away from this thread ;)

Who is to say that the movie won't be animated? I would prefer it.

Angelina Jolie would be a good Samus, but I do not want to hear "Look it's Lara Croft in Metroid", as I would go insane (I mean this. I am a die hard metroid fan.)

Milla Jovovich would go pretty well in a Metroid film, but still, I would prefer animation.

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Hm...Samus. I'll get back to this one. As she is a blonde, I know most men would prefer her to be 'hot', but she definately need the moves more than anything. No pornstar Samus please! ;)

Like I said, I'll get back to this.

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Lol... I still go with Kate Beckinsale or Milla Jovovich.

Milla is tiny, but if you go watch all three Resident Evil movies, dear lord, she should be the mascot for Left 4 Dead.

Kate is just awesome, I adored her in Underworld. And Van Helsing. She, like Milla, plays more strong, independent roles, which would be perfect for Samus.

Samus will be undersized, face it, it's Hollywood. At least go for a girl who can hold her own. I honestly don't know any buff actresses, unless they animate it. Then it can be truer to the original, but honestly, animated movies don't have that "movie" feel. That's just me, though. :/

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Allison Mack. Allison Mack would make a good Samus.

You want Chloe Sullivan to be Samus Aran? I love Allison but... I do not see how that could work. :(

unless they animate it. Then it can be truer to the original, but honestly, animated movies don't have that "movie" feel.

I agree, and although I see some advantages to animation, I would be much more satisfied with a live action adaptation... if they ever do find the right actress. Also if it ever actually happens.

Although I have seen some pretty good Metroid-related fan animations.

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Yeah, why not? She's fairly versatile, and we've seen her bad*** side in Smallville a few times; but you can't just see her as Chloe Sullivan, you've got to envision her as Samus.

Well, on the plus side, she has done some stunts in Smallville. And sci-fi is pretty much her business.

But I dunno, I just can't stop thinking of her as Chloe. And Chloe is a lot of things, but I just don't know if interstellar bounty hunter is one of them.

Maybe it's because she's been the sidekick for so long, or maybe it's because she usually does more talking than action-y stuff. Also she is kind of short (although next to Tom Welling it's hard not to be).

Like I said, I love the girl, but I'm not sure if she'd be right for this role.

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