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BW Event- CELEBI Pokémon Day ( Pologne ) .

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Hello everybody,

Tomorrow in August 20th, 2011 will be Distributed CELEBI ("Poland") during the POKEMON DAY here is it is caracteristique:

DOH: WIN2011

Level: 50

Kind(Genre): neutral

Name: Celebi

Pokeball: memory(report) Ball

Held object: bay(berry) Jaboca

Attacks: Tempeteverte, Machination, Care, Wish Care

Source(Spring): http://www.p-pokemon.com/pokemon/1825-Pokemon-Day-annonce-par-Nintendo-en-Pologne-.html

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Is this for sure an official event?

Kind of sounds like some fan tries to be a good man and distribute his own event there.

I don't think Nintendo would still distribute Geneneration 4 stuff. TPCi wouldn't allow.

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Why making an alt event in the new Generation? Why?

Looks like the era of Generation 4 has ended way ago.

Either way, wish someone goes there to get it. You need to have a French version, am I right?


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P-Pokemon isn't really a great source and he don't give one from Poland ...

This site have a bad reputation in french community. (News copy from other pokesite, fake and more)

Can you try to get another. :o

PS: Just care about this information. ^^"

@Yui: I think Poland use english version. They don't talk french. :o

Edit: "organised by Pokemon Valhalla under the patronage of Nintendo Poland"


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Whether it's official or not, it looks like it has the same OT and ID as the one distributed in EU earlier this year. It was already distributed in every language, so at best this will simply have a new WC description and maybe a new Secret ID. But my guess is that it will just be 100% identical.

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DPPtHGSS download (4th Gen)

During its term, there will be competitions with prizes, and the main attraction on this day will be able to download a special Celebi on one of the games of the fourth generation (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver).

If it's on the Nintendo Poland site, it could well be a different card. We'll see today.

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