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So I created this thread with the purpose of sharing desktop customization "tips and secrets" or whatever you want to call it.

Rocket dock, Rain meter,Instant messaging programs, minimalistic skins, custom media players and Visual styles or shell replacements or even problems with the doing stuff like this. Lets talk about it all here!

Anywho, here's my current desktop.


So anyway I'm running

Left mid ->Old version AIM

Top left -> Rainmeter -> http://code.google.com/p/rainmeter/ and then use Deviant art/ Customize.org to find modules/skins

Bottom left -> Songbird - Pure player : Birdie skin

A custom vista visual style MNLSTK -> http://invaderjohn.deviantart.com/art/mnlstk-VS-94538135

Top right -> A rocket dock "mac bar" -> http://rocketdock.com/ , Customized icons and theme though, defaults kinda bulky.

Xfire - Custom theme found here -> http://www.gunsammocrate.com/content.php?content.4

I also use "LogOn Studio Vista" to change my log on screen picture to something considerably nicer, which can be found here -> http://download.cnet.com/LogonStudio-Vista/3000-2072_4-10696252.html

I also sometimes run LiteStep over Vista as it just seems to start up and run faster and although I actually prefer the LiteStep right click option to find stuff, this vista setup I have now looks too sweet for me to want to change it. Although you need to tread carefully when using Shell replacement programs like LiteStep,Geoshell,Avedesk( during install anyway )

2 Day Edit * 30 views and not a single reply! :(

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I use rainmeter and rocketdock too, as well as slanXP even though you can't see my taskbar or any windows. It works great.

Cool desktop :D

Also, I'm not sure how you guys change themes, but I just unpatched my system32 files with Vista Glazz and installed the themes to the Theme folder. Then I can switch between themes normally in the Control panel>Personalization>Theme changer window.

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Lol. Ever think about using rainmeter or rocket dock? :D

I just redid my desktop today actually, I'm using Gaia08 Vista port, with a fairly close Dock and rain meter skin. I couldn't find icons that matched my dock though, so I ended up using an old Gaia icon, 7 times for all of them haha.


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I don't know how to get rid of the recycling bin

Best way to do that is start > run > gpedit.msc

go to the Administrative Templates folder under User Configuration

go to the Desktop subfolder, find "Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop" on the list

right click on that, go to Properties, and change it to "enabled"

right click on your desktop and hit refresh, and it should be gone

if that doesn't work there's another way of doing it that involves editing the registry

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Wait which is better Rocketdock, or Objectdock, I'm currently using Objectdock, i had this program that changed my log on screen into something else, i changed it into Itachi, i also had this program which changed my loading screen, when it starts up, into this Hydra thing, you are able to see my desktop in that other thread.

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Theres a few of those programs, I only know the one for vista though, Vista Logon studio's.

Rocketdock/Object dock are pretty similar, really just use whichever one has the kind of themes you like.

And Floot, it's not removing it, its just getting it off of the desktop as that icon is UGLY!

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I use Gaia 08 as well. :P

My setup is just a bit different, but I quite like it. It hurts my eyes occasionally, doesn't like Firefox, but other than that, it works great. I think it just hates my 64 bit Vista, but meh.


My laptop is widescreen, so I had to edit the background to fit. :< I also have the Gaia icons and RocketDock layout that I love.

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