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Hola from Sabresite


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Hello everyone, my name is Kamron, also known as Sabresite. I am the author of Legality Checker and (hopefully the soon released) PokeMod. I am a kid at heart who will soon graduate with a bachelors in Finance. I have been working with computers since the age of 6, and built my first PC at the age of 9.

I have been interested in the technical side of Pokemon since the first gameboy game was released. Last around this time I made a goal to learn as much as possible about Pokemon for the NDS, and share my knowledge with everyone I could. I am using my skills to level the playing field between the scammers and everyone else.

I hope everyone enjoys Project Pokemon (since I picked the name/domain :D), and the upcoming software from our development team.

A quick list of the current projects I am working on in conjunction with the beautiful minds at Project Pokemon.

- PokeMod - The Save Game Editor

- PPTE? - The Pokemon ROM/World Editor

- Codename: The 'Books' - The Pokemon Management System (aka, PMS)

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