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Pokemon Yin Black & Pokemon Yang White

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Awesome title concept made by PEDRO12!

644.gifAbout the game:643.gif

This a hack...Or a modification, if you will, of Pokemon Black & White. Meaning, just your oridnary 649 Pokemon hack. But...To make the game feel a bit different there's a few other things added to keep it feeling fresh. Just read the long, long, long ass post to see what I'm talking about, yeah!

100.gifSomething about Flashcard:100.gif


It's not that I'm being mean or anything, it's just because I have no idea how those devices work; I just don't use those types of things. I only tested these on my No$gba emulator, and they worked flawlessly on mine. But, not to worry, I'm sure someone will find a way to get this to work on one...

081.gifThe links and Mod info are below:081.gif

Rom Intel: Pokemon Yin Black & Pokemon Yang White (Version 3.0)

Language: US and Europe

Current Main Link 1: Pokemon Yin Black/Yang White: Version 3.0

Version Intel: This mod; which is actually Version 3 goes all the way up, till you beat the Pokemon League both times. I didn't edited the post-game Relic Castle part, so there's no point in going there after beating the Pokemon League, since everything in their will basically be the same. Everything else, however, has been changed.

605.gifPatching Information:605.gif

Like per usual, these patches are Gui Type...Meaning, you'll need to have Microsoft .Net Framework install in your computer to patch with a xdelta patcher.

Here's the link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=19

304.gifDocument Information: 304.gif

Included in the download are several documents. Each document contain a certain guide...Here they are. There's a guide for every Pokemon location. Also, included are a guides on all important trainer battles encountered. And a guide for where to find all the new items I placed around Unova.

Added to Version 3 are guides to the Pokemon movest and the Pokemon base stats; which all has been increased. Also, a guide on all the Pokemon attacks that has been edit.

...Here's a small log for this version's changes.

343.gifVersion 3 Log: 343.gif

Almost every Pokemon can now learn a max of 22 moves...This with the exception of pre-evolutionary stages and legendaries.

Every Pokemon and I mean EVERY Pokemon base stats has been increased. This includes new TM/HM compatibles and dream world abilities. There's also a few Pokemon with abilities I gave them...Ya know, cuz I thought they fit them.

Important trainer battles has been updated, now with better moveset and new levels. The strongest trainer on the first part level reaches Lv91.

More items has been added to the overworld; well, ya know, replaced with something better. Also, some TMs holds new attacks. Example: TM12 is now Magical Leaf and TM41 is now Water Pulse. There's more, it's to you to find'em.

The wild Pokemon has been slightly edited since version 2.5...Nothing too drastic tho, just added Hoothoot and Psyduck earlier. Lower some of the level of Wild Pokemon around Route 18, P2 Lab and the Wellspring Cave (F2) and Mistralton Cave.

Also, since the Fishing Rod is now available at the very beginning of the game, some fishing routes has been edited. Just look into the wild Pokemon guide for more info about this subject.

I finally was able to fix the freezing Backpacker Talon and Colin were causing. Just changed the type of battle you had to do against them. LOL

And to finally finish this tiny log, I've added a written document on every changed I made in this mod. The docs will be included in the download. If anybody has any trouble, don't forget to report here.

587.gifPokemon Changes:587.gif

First, I would like to say if you've played any of my mods from the past, then you'll know what to expect when concerning the prevously gen Pokemon stats and ablities and even some of their attacks...Well, if you think it's still the same on Yin Black and Yang White...Then you're partially right. While some Pokemon have their same ablitites from Neo SoulSilver and Sol Platinum like Seviper, some have new one; like Dodrio with Defiant and Moxie.

Obviously, some Pokemon will have their Dream World ablites; just not the starters. No starter Pokemon have their Dream World abilities; with the exception of Blaziken with Speed Boost, but rest have abilities I thought suit them...

Also, even tho, at this point I think it's obvious, all starters will have two abilities. I just saying, just don't expect to see a Snivy with Contrary or anything on this mod...Sorry.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there's also a few 5th gen Pokemon with new secondary type. Like Acceglor being part Dark-Type or Eelekrik and Eelektross both being part Water-Type...That's not including the Type changes from previously mods I made. All those type changes are on there.

235.gifMove Effect Changes:235.gif

Some Pokemon attacks have new second effect; like Leaf Tornado now confusing the target instead of reducing their accuracy and Wing Attack having a 20% chance rasing yer Pokes attack stat. Also, there's more, like Hydro Pump harshly lowering the foes Sp. Def. The old secondary effect from Neo Soulsilver are still on here, like Hyper Voice still lowering Sp. Def (It now harshly lowers the Sp. Def) And Slam lowering the Defense stat. They're still all on here.

On Version 3, however, even more move has been edited like Meditate boosting both Attack and Sp. Atk or Stone Edge and Power Gem now hitting both Pokemon. Just like how I previously stated, there's more...but these are the only moves I'm only gonna cover.

I know I said this already, but I'm gonna say it again...Pokemon can learn TMs/HM that they usually couldn't learn on the regular game; for example: Beartic is now capatible with Earthquake and Xatu is capatible with Energy Ball, there's many more Pokemon in the game they have new compatibility with different TMs/HMs. It's up to you to find which is which.

Added on Version 3 are TMs with new attack data. I already mentioned a few of the TM changes, so there's no reason me to repeat myself for the 14th of time, ya think? :P But I can say, the two new TMs I did mention...That's just touching the surface. There's more new TMs out there, it's just up to you to find them.

But I can tell you this, folks. Some of your favorite TMs from the 4th gen Pokemon games; including moves that you could get from BP from the Battle Frontier, can be found inside those TMs on this hack. And trust me folks, it was a BITCH matching each new TMs I made with the Pokemon. Very, VERY time-consuming. Mostly the reason why it took me so long to update

Also, before I forget...Cuz, I'm really forgetful...I would like to thank elementking for teaching me how to edited the TM/HM data in the game. This was pretty much the main theme in this hack.

132.gifPokemon with increased Moveset:132.gif

Majority of all Pokemon can learn a max of 22 moves...Well, that with the exception of legendaries or Pokemon in their pre-evolutionary stage. Just so you know, 22 moves is the max attack a Pokemon can learn.

Also Pokemon like Burmy, Magikarp, Beldum and even Tynamo can learn a few attacks up, till their evolution. I even gave Pokemon like Combee/Tyrouge their own mini-moveset.

Also; tho I think that this is kinda obvious, I gave all stone Pokemon their very own moveset pool...They all learn a max of 22 attacks. So, I guess there's no need for waiting on just the right level to make Pikachu evolve...or Growlithe...

Anyways, that pretty much covers all of the Pokemon moveset edit. Don't forget to collect Heart Scales. There's always a Pokemon with a good re-learned move out there. All fully evolved Pokemon have at least one.

133.gifField Pokemon:133.gif

I've edited mostly every Pokemon that can be encountered in the grass, the sea...Well, basically anywhere a Pokemon can be found and captured.

Anyways, like I said, mostly every Pokemon, with the exception of for the postgame Relic Castle part, has been changed and edited. There's a written guide about the Wild Pokemon included in the download. It shows the spot for every Pokemon.

Now, on Version 3 you receive the Super Rod at the very beginning of the game...from your mom. Tho, I guess I should tell you that NOT every fishing route has been edited...Well, you'll learn more once you open the Wild Pokemon guide.

Not to worry, you'll still be able to catch wild starter Pokemon and stuff. They're scattered throughout Unova....Just use the guide to find where they're located.

498.gifNew Starter/Speical Event Pokemon:004.gif

On Yin Black/ Yang White Version 3...Depending on which version you're playing, will determine which starter Pokemon you'll receive at the beginning.

On Yin Black, the starters you'll get to choose are the same as if you'll were playing the regular game. Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy. And on Yang White, the starters you'll get to choose from are, the lizard trio; Treecko, Totodile, and Charmander

Also, on Yang White, the starter your rivals will chose also be different...It won't be any of the starters you had the choice of. Completely different. The battle guide will show which Pokemon they'll use depending on which starter you pick.

Speical event Pokemon like Zekrom and Reshiram or the Fighting-Type Trio; once encountered, will be on a higher level...If you've played version 2.5, expect those levels.

225.gifItems as far the eyeballs can see:225.gif

New items can be found on the overworld. Or given to you from NPC players. Like for example, instead of getting Flame Charge from the Battle Girl, she'll give you Sludge Wave instead. Here's yet another example: it's now possible to find the Air Ballon item inside a Poke'ball...Yeah, so basically stuff like that.

Anyways, getting back on Flame Charge, it can be found on Route 4 (Before beating Burgh, so you can use it on him) There's more, like some gym leaders giving you new TMs. Brycen gives you Ice Beam. Don't worry, old TMs and items are still obtainable, it's just up to you to find it...or whatever.

617.gifVersion Differences: What's in Yin Black? What's in Yang White?:589.gif

LOL Not that much.

But, depending on which version of the mod you're playing, some of the Gym leaders you'll fight will use different Pokemon.


If you're playing Yin Black Lenora will use these Pokemon: Chansey, Spinda, Herdier, Linoone, and Clefable!

If you're playing Yang White Lenora will use these Pokemon: Vigoroth, Dunsparce, Herdier, Furret, and Cinccino!

Which do you think is harder?

Also, when battling N and your Rivals, they will use a slightly different team. Once again, this all depending on which version you decided to play.

Some of the speical trainer battles; ya know, like Triple or Rotation, will be different. If you encounter a trainer with a rotation battle...chances are on the opposite version, it'll be a triple battle. But...Yeah, I think it was like that anyways...

There's only one item change. Instead of getting Moon Stone from Lenora, if you're playing Yang White, she'll give you a Shiny Stone instead. I think you know why, right? Pretty obvious.

500.gifSmarter Trainers = Tougher Challenges:006.gif

I tried making trainer battles as hard as humanly made possible, but occasionally they WILL do some retarded shit, just ignore it.

...The computer's AI seems not know how handle certain Pokemon attack...For example they love spamming attack that takes two turns to hit...I had to revamp awhole lotta important battle, cuz I noticed this pattern.

Anyways, in this, mod trainer's Pokemon will get as high as to Level 100, which is the level of the Game Freak's dude's highest leveled Pokemon. I also, added a few triple and rotation battles in the mix. Most can be found in the arenas in Numbasa City or on varies Routes.

But like always, important battles with trainers will always be harder than usual trainer....Well, this is me hoping anyways.

Basically what I mean, your battles against your both Rivals, Gym Battles, N battles, the Elite Four and Ghetsis, which obviously the hardest.

Trainers around the ending of the first part of the game and the second part of the game will use Pokemon that will have a preset Moveset...Hopefully it keeps you on yer toes. Cuz right, I'm telling ya, don't expect no Gym Leader rematches or teams based off the manga, cuz there's none here. :)

441.gifDialogue Changes:441.gif

I also add a few new dialogue here and there throughout the game. You'll mostly find them when getting a new items from NPC. I thought the dialogue I put there was pretty neat, to say the least.

I also added, well, basically just for effect, re-named Pokemon attack move. There's only two attacks with new names. Razor Wind becomes Maelstrom; it still work the same as if it was Razor Wind, however.

And Flame Burst gets renamed as Spit Fire. Just like Razor Wind, the move effects are exactly the same as before, couldn't think of anything.

And just for fun, I've renamed every natures given to a Pokemon. Just think of it pointless dialogue change...Especially considering it's still easy to distinguish a Pokemon nature by looking at thier stats from their Summary.

556.gifScreenshot Station:556.gif

Here, I showcase some screenies of my game.

These first couple of screenshots shows off the menu dialogue change and a few Pokemon battle, including a triple battle. Also, it shows one of the new Pokemon types combination I made and one of the natures I renamed. It's should be interesting enough.

It also should be noted that these first screenshots are from V1-V2.5...But the changes are still on the current version.


And now. Are some more recent screenies of the hack. Stuff that was JUST added...With the exception of the Brycen Ice Beam thing...It's been on da game since version 2.

Anyways, they're just some of the new stuff added in, mostly pics of the new obtainable items and new TMs and stuff of that nature. If you wanna be spoiled, just click da spoiler button.


025.gifThese are the programs I used to make this mod possible.025.gif

A Hex editor (Cygnus Free Edition):

For the Wild Pokemon, Level up moves, attacks, item change, and stats editing (for editing the TMs learn moves).

Twistedfatal's Stat editor program.

Kazo's Trainer Editor

SCV's PPTXT for the Dialogue Change.

No$gba 2.6a Emulator


Kiwi.ds (For remaking the Narc file I edited)

Neltazero's Wild Pokemon Editor V5 (I used this and the hex editor)

CrystalTile2 (For changing the TM/HM data)

646.gifA few special thanks are in needed. Without these guys...Probably wouldn't had been a game, huh:646.gif

Drayano: For telling how to do pretty much everything, when concerning the item change and the moveset editin. It was very easy for me to follow what his instructions.

elementking: For teaching me where to find the TM/HM data.

Me: Because without putting in the work, I'll probably wouldn't got anything done.

583.gifThings I plan to do...One of these dayz:583.gif

Gonna add some vidz of me fighting the Elite Four on this mod. They should be up...Soon as I reach the Pokemon league. LOL

Maybe add some more dialouge...Ya know, some new dialogue to the gym leaders or to your rivals...Ya know, like in Neo Soulsilver.

Also, add some sorta banner or something...I dunno, the bold dialogue with moving Pokemon sprites...is, and at the sametime, tacky and sweet...My opinion.

647.gifThings you should probably know:647.gif

When patching, make sure you patch this mod with an Europe Black or White rom. Also, for some strange reason, it can also patch with a pre-patched rom with all the Anti-Piracy crap gone. The rom I used to make the changes were a pre-patched B/W rom, so that's probably was one of da reason...I dunno.

Anyways, don't forget to report any bugs you find to Pokemon Yin Black/Yang White thread. I'm sure there are some things I've overlooked...or just forgot to add.

Until my next update...Someday...Cya! :D

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Release Version 3.0
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v3.3 - June 25, 2023

- Made adjustments to the ROM image.
- Restored Nintendo DSi related data in the ROM image.


Pokemon - Yin Black Version

Pokemon - Yang White Version

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