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B/W - Level-up moveset editing

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So, I know that in B/W, level-up movesets are located in a/0/1/8. I can open this in CrystalTile2, but I was wondering, how could I find the data for a specific Pokemon (say, Glaceon)? Also, does anyone know where I can find attacks in hex for B/W, as I know that each moveset goes FF FF FF FF (Moves in hex) FF FF FF FF, but I can't identify the moves.

Any help is much appreciated :)

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The smaller window that opens up in CT2 and has a numbered list is the key. Each number up to 649 corresponds to the nationaldex number of a pokemon; double-click on it and it'll take you directly to the start of said pokemon's hex values.

The list of moves is here, and I convert the numbers into hex form here. So Metal Claw - #232 on the list - would be E8 in hex. Since you're right about each move being in FF FF form, "E8" would become "00 E8." And then, for whatever reason, you gotta flip it. So E8 00 is the hex value for Metal Claw.

Hope that helped!

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Thanks for the moves list, that will make things so much easier :)

I can't see the side window in CT2, do you have an image so I know what to look for?

EDIT: Never mind, turns out my version was outdated >_<. Problem solved, thanks for all the help :)

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On 8/11/2011 at 5:23 PM, pkmntrainerBW said:

How would you find a specific pokemon in other Hex Editors, like HxD?

all i see are Hexodecimal numbers. ive got no idea how to accually look for nor edit a learnset.

hope that someone who does know this stuff will awnser soon.

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I just used @Andibad's  AndiToolkit BW & B2W2 Moveset and Hidden Grotto Editor rather than CrystalTile

Download for it is HERE

The interface is pretty straight forward:
Open Tools > Select what you want to edit > Click open and select the .narc you want to edit > All opens and displays nicely to edit

Screenshot below for reference:


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Yes it is super easy to edit.

Basically click the move, then select a new move from the dropdown menu that it opens.
It will open and show every move that is inside your ROM.

You can also change the level that they learn them, add new ones and remove moves if desired.

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Yes if you have Version, there should be a tab above the moveset when you navigate

Above the list, but below where it has 'Moveset' and 'HEX'. you should see the name of the 'Attack' and then a number with two arrows next too it (level it is learn at).
There is also a button for 'Add' and 'Remove'


Example is below:



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