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The ''Guess That Pokemon Game''!


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He's the "numb pokemon"

He slows down in the rain because the magma in his hump cools

He sure seemes simple

Humphrey = Camerupt



Humphrey's the name of my Camerupt X_X

And I completely forgot Numel got Simple. He evolves into the Solid Rock variant of Camerupt though. His other ability is Oblivious, hence why he doesn't feel much.

This crown Pokemon is an outstanding leader of its own group.

EDIT: I figured it was a little too hard. He's cute but don't underestimate his cries! His cries can let his whole little group of young 'wogs obey :)

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Strangest :D

Hint: the original form is based off the gunfish in Pulseman

There are many that lose speed when they evolve, such as Poliwrath/Politoed (Poliwhirl had base 90, both its evolution has 70), Honchkrow, etc...

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