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BW Event - Special Victini (2011 Movie)


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  • 3 months later...

Details have come.


You get the Victini for reserving your movie ticket and it knows V-Generate.

You can reserve your ticket between April 16th and July 15th.

You can pick up the Victini between April 16th and August 31st.

Click the link if you need location information.

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Thank you so much for the kind reply kaphotics. A lot of members here are pretty serious and knock each reply with a "hey nub, do your own research". I don't remember the forums being this rude back when it was known as "pokesav.org" It's so hard to find a FAQ for minor bits of information such as this matter. Thanks again and I'll be sure to keep this in mind.

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Wow thanks for this one guys, I was hoping I would get a V-Generate Victini, i've got a couple of questions though, is there any indication that this event will be happening around the world? and is this Victini still anti-shiny?

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1. i'm 99.999999% sure it's going to happen other than japan since if you look at the trend, you see Nintendo releases at least 2 event Pokemon every movie and the Non-Japanese events are identical to the Japanese one's other than ID, OT, Name, etc.

2. All event Pokemon (unless indicated) are not shiny except for certain events like the Manaphy egg since there's a loop hole to it.

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