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Wondercard Distribution

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I tried to sniff the address from firmware-download 1.4.1E because I thought to find out the URL and maybe I could download the 1.4 for downgrading my DSi from 1.4.1E to 1.4.

I think it should work if I copy the firmware file to any SD-card and runs it via data-maintenance!?

But where could I get the firmware file!? :-)

The network sniff while starting update procedure was SSL encoded. :-(

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I just read that they're going to be starting European distribution of the Crown Beasts over wi-fi starting February 7. Usually they distribute to the U.S. simutaneously, so that might be a good time to acquire more information to get it working.

Thanks for the heads up, I will keep it in mind.

EDIT: I'm pretty close to a definitive answer on weather or not forcing a non-encrypted ciphersuite will work. My setup is impersonating the dls1 server as best it possibly can and I just have to work out an issue I'm having with java not wanting to use my ciphersuite settings.

EDIT2: I've gotten my earlier issue resolved but now I'm running up against another problem I've been anticipating. Java breaks the connection upon noticing that the DS's listed ciphersuites don't include the null suite I'm attempting to force on it. I may have to resort to a lower-level method to get the flexibility I need. This is turning out to be a lot of effort for something that isn't likely to work... =/

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Is it possible to make the router behave like a Redistributing DS?

I'm willing to bet that theres a lot less (if any) certification going on in that connection then there would be between the D.S. and a DNS server.

Just sayin'

to be honest, I have virtually no idea what I'm talking about, and you've probably already considered it, but I thought I might as well mention it.

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Because, apparently it does work, and I was just a little confused at all the "can't be done" talk I was hearing about earlier in the topic. Maybe I'm missing something here.

Of course, I haven't actually tried it yet myself, as I'm still struggling with what appears to be basic network issues with sending Pokesav generated mons via the GTS.

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Well i found a program that send the cards to each other but need to dses
made in 2009 :P I think you guys know it already.. But you guys can see how its structered and stuff..

All this actually does is modify a distribution ROM; you still need a flashcard.

If the issue is hardware capable of performing Ni-Fi stuff, would there be any chance at creating a Wii Homebrew application for this?

I looked into this and I was told that in its current state wii homebrew isn't capable of NiFi. Maybe in the future, but don't get your hopes up.

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not sure how helpful this is, but overlay 114 in b/w contains a bunch of text related to this and is 98% code. here's a disassembly of all the code with the strings included. (i've not commented it yet, unfortunately) you can see the code actually references/accesses a good amount of the strings at some points.


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it seems to me someone should write a nifi library for the pc... if only there was good documentation of nifi... hmm I will look on the ds homebrew forums

The problem is that even if you had such a library you'd still need a compatible device. That means custom drivers, which are specific to a make and model of wireless hardware. It's just not too feasible.

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