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Pokemon picture thread


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Like Randomspot555 said,if you want to post pictures of your favorite pokemon,bring it to this forum so here's the new thread! My fav. pokemon pics:

randomspot555 edit: If you post an image, do not leech images off of websites that you don't own. You may post it as an attachment to your forum post, use a picture hosting service such as tinypic.com, or use your own bandwidth if you have your own site.







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This one pikachu, looks somewhat like Sparky. Doesn't it?

Pikachu... T_T

Lol, wraith I actually laughed at that picture.

I found this one on the net: (Mewtwo Ex might be offended)


In case you can't see, Lucario is saying: "Where're me shorts at man?!"

And Mew's saying: "Oooohhh... Such lovely legs ~"

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