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This is a mod of Pokemon Rumble (Wii) that was made for the shiny hunting community event Rumble Weekend! The original Pokemon Rumble contains only the 1st and 4th gen Pokemon, but this mod reintroduces the 2nd & 3rd gen Pokemon (and their shinies) to the game in a new terminal known as "GX"! The layer of fog on all stages has also been removed, and the collection screen has been updated to support all 493 available Pokemon!

The original base game also remains fully intact in order to preserve the rarity of certain Pokemon.

Included are 3 bps patches to be applied to a USA version of Pokemon Rumble to get you into GX! Due to slight differences in dumps of the games out there, there were 3 patches made to ensure it works. (details on how to obtain the original game obviously not provided)

If you want to play the newest version of the game (1.1.0), you will have to apply the bps patch to the Weekend Edition 1.0 file! This means that if you do not yet have Weekend Edition 1.0, you will need to download both .zip files available here, patch a clean Rumble file with 1.0, and then patch that file with 1.1. (Hope that makes sense!)

This is fully cross-compatible with save files from the original Pokemon Rumble (USA natively, PAL/JP with some additional steps detailed in the FAQ doc linked below), and it can be installed on actual hardware via homebrew. This patch currently ONLY works with the USA version of the game due to slight scripting/file structure differences that exist in the JP/PAL versions of the game, so if you want to play it on a Japanese or PAL Wii, you will need to do some region changing upon installation with homebrew.

This mod is still very much a work-in-progress, and for full details on what's available/what is planned for the future, read the readme file inside the zip folder!

There is now a document with frequently asked questions and answers! I hope to continue updating this as I keep updating the game!



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clarify save info

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


-fixed Eternal Tower spawns so that Elekid spawns in
-fixed shiny textures for Lotad & Remoraid
-added in a new secret thanks to ProfessorRex's hard work that will be revealed on 11/20/20!
-created a new FAQ with all sorts of information! please read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iVykfxF5ekN4cg3Nes07Akt5ABdmFFDdMr8GbpYmp48/edit?usp=sharing

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To @shinykitty, @Funsparce, and many others out there,


Maybe start a thread and ask for help. Or maybe leave a comment, see if the author gets back to you.

Imagine a Yelp review. You can say why something is good or bad, but you can't say "I have issues with your app/the shop/whatever, please help me".

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@Funsparce I think the problem may be that you're running the wrong IOS, here's a guide to installing the right one on your wii https://wii.guide/cios.html


And as theSLAYER said, leaving a question in a review generally isn't a good idea as it both makes the average rating go lower because of a problem that doesn't have anything to do with the thing you're reviewing itself, and it makes it much harder for other people to answer.

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I seemed to be having a problem getting this to run on my wii, when I go to install the .wad file it gives me an "Error: (-1022) Content did not match hash in TMD".

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On 9/5/2020 at 4:37 AM, BVQ2020 said:

I seemed to be having a problem getting this to run on my wii, when I go to install the .wad file it gives me an "Error: (-1022) Content did not match hash in TMD".

From your WAD manager, you need to select Rumble and uninstall. Then, try installing it again. It should work then!

On 9/20/2020 at 11:50 AM, JustMonika said:

When I install the mod, Unowns are the only pokemons in the GX terminal Areas how do i get the other pokemons to appear?

That's because you're in Normal mode! The full GX terminal is in Advanced mode.

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hey so how do I escape the GX terminal on normal difficulty? There doesn't seem to be any launcher spawning to take me out of it. Also I'm on version 1.1 of Weekend Edition and the rom I'm using needed the 2nd patch from both .zip files to work if that helps.

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Hello, I am using a PAL Wii U with a modded vWii and I am getting the msg "this channel cant be used" when I try to load the installed WAD. I suspect it is region incompatibilities but I was hoping you could point me in the right direction of the correct method on making it work on my hardware, I have not been able to find anything that has worked for me after an hour of searching. The Wii Mod Lite software says its only for Wii consoles and not the vWii for Wii U. Thank you in advanced!

I found a solution, I just launched it with USB Loader rather than from the wii menu. Its always the easiest solutions that do the trick, lol

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ok so i tried to download this rom hack thru an sd card by downloading it onto the sd card and wii mod lite and all it is doing is showing the 1.1 addition on the wii mod lite can i please get some help with that   and i know it ain't very descriptive but i tried home brew also and looking up all sorts of things on the internet but i figured since your the one who made it you could help me with it please and if you can't help me with it i will keep trying to find some other way

edit did you use a dolphin emulator to use it


Edited by zachatopia
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