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Across the generations of Pokemon, there has been many tutorial Pokemon, that players get to see, but be unable to catch.

This page hosts the assortment of said Pokemon, all detailed below:

  1. Generation 1
    1. RBY: Old Man's Rattata
    2. RBY: Wild Tutorial Weedle
    3. Y: Prof Oak's Pikachu (one caught different from one given afterwards)
  2. Generation 2
    1. GSC: Wild Tutorial Rattata
  3. Generation 3
    1. RS: Wild Encountered Poochyena (Chasing Prof. Birch)
    2. E: Wild Encountered Zigzagoon (Chasing Prof. Birch)
    3. RSE: Norman's Zigzagoon (Loaned to Wally)
    4. RSE: Wild Tutorial Ralts (caught by Wally)
    5. FRLG: Various TV Pokemon [Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Oddish, Pidgey, Poliwag, Rattata]
  4. Generation 4
    1. DPPT: Wild Encountered Starly
    2. DP: Wild Tutorial Bidoof
    3. DT: Wild Tutorial Bidoof
    4. HGSS: Ethan/Lyra's Marill
    5. HGSS: Wild Tutorial Rattata
  5. Generation 5
    1. BW: Prof Juniper's Minccino
    2. BW: Wild Tutorial Patrat
    3. B2W2: Bianca's Lillipup
    4. B2W2: Wild Tutorial Purrloin
  6. Generation 6
    1. XY: Calem/Serena's Bunnelby
    2. XY: Wild Tutorial Fletchling
    3. ORAS: Wild Poochyena (Chasing Prof. Birch)
    4. ORAS: Norman's Zigzagoon (Loaned to Wally)
    5. ORAS: Wild Tutorial Ralts
  7. Generation 7
    1. SM: Catching Tutorial Kukui's Rockruff
    2. SM: Catching Tutorial Wild Pikipek
    3. SM: Z-move Tutorial Kukui's Rockruff
    4. SM: Z-move Tutorial Wild Growlithe


Many thanks to @jojo12100 and @BlackShark for these!

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