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Pokemon Rumble World Save Tool 1.0.0

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About This File

Original Developer: @SciresM



This is a tool that can open up Pokemon Rumble World's save files and let you edit your diamonds/P/Collected Pokemon
and save the result as either a compressed or decompressed folder.

Hit the "Open Compressed" button and open the 00slot00 folder in your exported save. Edit values, and save the compressed result.

If you want to hex edit the save, save it as a decompressed folder, hex edit any files you want, open it again using the "Open Decompressed" button,
then save the compressed result back to your original folder.

If you want to do all this manually, here's how files in the save work:

0x30 byte header {
8 byte signature, "cAVIAR4\00";
4 byte crc32 of compressed data; // Big Endian
0x1C bytes unused;
4 byte isCompressed; // Little Endian, 01/00
4 byte DecompressedSize; // Big Endian
Followed by compressed data/decompressed data depending on the isCompressed flag. The data, if compressed, is compressed with zlib's default compression.

WARNING: If you re-import a save, remember to delete the secure value before doing so or your save may be detected as corrupted.

WARNING: Changes are likely to fail to save to pokemon that you have "Favorited" right now, I'm not sure why this happens. I'm kind of working on it.

WARNING: Changing a pokemon to a species you do not already own causes it to be registered as owned in your pokedex but doesn't actually increase your rank...I would be careful about doing this.

Source: https://github.com/SciresM/Rumble-World-Save-Tool
Originally post on: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-rumble-world-diamonds-p-tool.386526/

Forked Update Version details:
Developer: @suloku



SciresM hasn't responded yet, but I'm leaving the updated editor here.
Has already been tested by one user, but outside that single test and seeing it does what it should on hex files it is untested (but should work fine).

- Ability to modify bought diamonds.
- Setting bought diamonds to 3000 unlocks vip content (go to the store to unlock).
- I don't recommend setting it to anything higher than 3000 (I should have limited it, but I'm too lazy right now).

Use at your own risk and always have a backup of your working savegames before using any save editor!

source is as pull request on github.

UPDATE: Adding the info about this

The bought diamonds value is stored 72 bytes after the diamonds value:

Originally Uploaded: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-rumble-world-diamonds-p-tool.386526/page-24#post-5672188

A big thank you to SciresM and Suloku for this very epic save editing software!

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