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Pokemon Dream Radar Save Editor 1.0.0

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About This File

Original Developer: @suloku

This editor allows to modify current orbs (the that can be used to buy), refill clouds, items, upgrade levels and unlock the special gen IV extensions that can only be unlocked inserting the gen IV cartridges on the 3DS.

Also allows to modify the "current orb count for reward", which is the value that stores how many orbs were gathered since the last reward was received:

Retrieval Extension:            Obtain a total of 200 Dream Orbs
Eureka Extension A (Tornadus):    Obtain a total of 400 Dream Orbs

Dowsing Extension:                Obtain a total of 700 Dream Orbs, catch Tornadus
Eureka Extension B (Thundurus):    Obtain a total of 1500 Dream Orbs, catch Tornadus

Eureka Extension G (Landorus):    Obtain a total of 3000 Dream Orbs, catch Thundurus

Press the "Give next reward" button to set it to a value that will trigger the next story event.

Note: you may have to enter and exit the search screen each time to receive the all the rewards, since only one is given at a time.

More details on how to use:
3DS save data wise


IMPORTANT NOTE: the savegames in the 3DS sd card are ENCRYPTED. To make any modifications you need the unencrypted savegame (or use the 3DS version of the editor). To do either, you need to run HOMEBREW on your 3DS. As of February 13th 2017 the recomended method is SoundHax to run homebrew and JKSavemanager to get the unencrypted savegames, you will find plenty tutorials on youtube/other specialized forums that focus on homebrew. If you are on firmware 11.2 or below you may be interested in reading about installing a Custom Firmware (CFW) or arm9 Loader Hax (a9lh) before updating to 11.3 (again, there are plenty tutorials out there).
For your own sake, please make sure you are following an update tutorial like https://3ds.guide/

Using the program


After the player catches Tornadus, Thundurs or Landorus, the "current orb count for reward" is reset to 0. This means that currently, to unlock all game content, one has to do the following:

  1. Set "current orb count for reward" to at least 400
  2. Enter the game, Retrieval and Eureka A extensions are received
  3. Catch Tornadus, "current orb count for reward" is reset to 0.
  4. Set "current orb count for reward" to at least 1500
  5. Enter the game, Dowsing and Eureka B extensions are received
  6. Catch Thundurus, "current orb count for reward" is reset to 0.
  7. Set "current orb count for reward" to at least 3000
  8. Enter the game, Eureka G extensions is received
  9. After catching Landorus, the credits will roll and all left game content will be unlocked (simulator A, B and G will be received and gen IV extensions, if unlocked, will be available).

It also allows to unlock the geneartion IV extensions, which can normally only be unlocked by inserting a gen IV DS cartridge in the 3DS console, and to re-catch those legendaries so they can be transfered to another Black2/White2 cartridge.

Original Support Thread:

Github Link:

PC Version: https://github.com/suloku/prdse/releases
3DS Version: https://github.com/suloku/pdrpse/releases

Kudos to Suloku for this epic app!

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