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  1. probably spent less time looking than you did typing up this post Trainer Editor.
  2. It was moved to the correct forum. PKHeX works regardless of your 3DS's firmware version as it does not run on your console. You retrieve files from your console and open them on your computer.
  3. No you cannot set illegal abilities in gen 3 as the pk3 format does not store ability. It's impossible to change the natural abilities with save editing.
  4. Look at the memories...
  5. tool

    Pretty much every page mentions to remove any installed patches.
  6. They don't do the same check; they perform PIDIV checks that correspond to the generation of origin. PKHeX expects a matching PID type for the encounter the pkm originated from. If the PIDIV can't be generated for the encounter, you get the mismatch message. Gen 5 checks only check shiny mystery gifts; all other PIDIVs are unrelated (thus should be "None" pidiv type).
  7. As suggested above, use RNG Reporter to generate something legal. New features require effort; if possible features are already done sufficiently by another tool (PID search/generation via RNG Reporter) it's better to spend my time doing other things rather than replicate something that works fine. Generation 3, 4, and 5 have these checks. Generation 1/2 checks are not implemented, and Gen6+ will never have any as any PIDIV/etc is possible.
  8. Wild PKM = method 1/J/K Event PKM = no method (except Manaphy egg) PKHeX checks a bit of RNG legality now.
  9. Those properties are not present in pk4 files. Properties not present are hidden from the interface. Looks like the current commit isn't correctly hiding those...
  10. has been fixed in the past 3 weeks; a new release is due out in the next ~10 days. Still polishing
  11. Only held items are checked for legality, there are no save legality checks.
  12. tool

    "Official Release" is essentially the latest build; the OP has a link to it and no other builds. Updated OP with screenshot from github's readme.
  13. Duplicate with Temp fixed exe is in thread, issue is already fixed and will be included in the next release.
  14. you need to get the battery/sav file, not a savestate/snapshot.