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  1. Thanks, fixed in latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/b87f1fc8db1b84ff8bf5cd7d79e9b744a642139e Until the next release, just import while on the Main tab.
  2. A [...] move relearner [...] can teach a Pokémon any move that its species is able to learn at an earlier level (Generations II to VI) or at any level (Generation VII) [...]. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move_Reminder
  3. Bulk modifications: use the batch editor Design choices: There's pros and cons for the way things are done. Preserving stored values over derived values is preferred; in this case, preserving the current EXP is preferable. Redesign: PKHeX is open source using WinForms. Feel free to fork and re-skin yourself. Minor details: Boring research topics for near-useless features are not in my interests. For niche tools, community research is a requirement. Remember to consider time spent vs gain!
  4. lmao just use the batch editor 'changes were reverted' doesn't describe what is really the problem; you'd need to say what properties are not being set. Also, if the pkm were originally not paired with the save file (Current Trainer info does not match the save) then it'd get refreshed when properly setting back. You're better off just using the batch editor than automating user interactions.
  5. It's almost as if you can't have origin forme without having a specific item...
  6. Thanks; I've updated the program with a simplified method for calculating the checksum, and incorporated the offsets as you've listed
  7. Can't replicate the issue you're having. I'm posting a new version in a few hours; I'd suggest trying again with that when the time comes.
  8. Refer to the property type and value hints. It's a boolean (aka True/False)
  9. CRO edits are only possible if you're using custom firmware that patches CRO signature checks. Not having that will prevent you from playing the game (as it crashes on invalid signature).
  10. PKHeX automatically reloads the abilities; it's possible that you had somehow mangled the abilities (in HaX mode?). Try checking the legality of the pkm while still in the box (hold control->right click), and if necessary, re-set them back to the box with their correct abilities.
  11. Select the "Any" dropdown to see the properties for any pkm format; the "All" is for properties common to all formats (sometimes not a real property for certain formats, it's that way for programming convenience).
  12. The green background indicates the current handler. It can be switched by clicking on the groupbox that contains the desired current handler. PKHeX automatically fixes it for you unless you're doing something stupid like having the same OT/ID/SID across multiple savegames/generations.
  13. Does it really need an explanation? You have 3 choices. Give All Fashion... All Legal New Game Everything First is everything that is possible to obtain for your gender Second is everything that you start with on a new game (aka nothing) Third is absolutely everything for your gender, including dyes that cannot be obtained through legitimate play.
  14. HT_ OT_ SuperTrain ^ property prefixes. Use the current value & type hint when determining what to set it to.
  15. You can't hatch anything below level 5; the met level was 1 for both pkm. Transporter 3/4->5 sets the met level to the current level; can't go below 5.