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  1. 2) if certain emulation aspects are observed to be incorrect, they are fixed 3) depends on what events you are comparing; PKHeX's reroll feature is essentially random and does not look at encounter conditions besides the current ability/nature/form to yield a compatible PID. PID reroll code: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/8a5cf27f613c6dd7eec73373909fed775197e3bd/PKHeX/PKM/PKM.cs#L754-L800 https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/2b1bc213aad92eb593111334155acc640d34805c/PKHeX/PKM/PKX.cs#L436-L482
  2. 1) no, see similar question thread. 2) Besides PID, PKHeX emulates the game generation routine. 3) Can't tell what you're asking; PKHeX has ways of detecting if a pkm came from a mystery gift or not. 4) Looking at RNG Reporter to grab a valid PIDIV is left to the user; see reply in 1).
  3. Thanks, fixed in latest commit.
  4. Unable to replicate; be sure you are using the latest version.
  5. No No
  6. More detail is required. pk3DS only changes the starter text of the current language.
  7. PKHeX only supports what I want it to; I don't want unofficial backwards conversion associated with PKHeX. Other projects can reuse PKHeX.Core to accomplish their own methods of conversion, which is what pk2pk does. Single/Mass conversion to a desired format.
  8. PKHeX doesn't support backwards conversion
  9. It converts from pk4 to pk3. 260 - SWAMPERT - 6C2404D6D618.pk3
  10. use pk2pk https://github.com/kwsch/pk2pk
  11. Sure, go ahead and figure out how to edit everything first before it can be considered for implementation in PKHeX. https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/forum/4-save-research-amp-development/
  12. Trading between generations is only possible with Gen1 and 2, can't backwards convert for the other games. When trading, the data is swapped. PKHeX doesn't swap data as it allows you to clone data. Just open two windows of PKHeX and drag drop between to facilitate a trade. You already have the save file data, just transfer a pkm and delete on the other save if you want to emulate a swap.
  13. Doesn't store years either, just keeps ticking. It screws up after 366 days, hence the need for the berry glitch fix (read up on bulbapedia).
  14. If the seed is 16bit then all that has to be done is brute force seeds from day 1 to see the minimum time for a seed. I'm pretty sure it'll be low enough such that all seeds are possible to obtain prior to the event.
  15. Are you sure day is constrained to 31 days? The rtc doesn't store months elapsed, so the day value keeps incrementing. It's a 16bit value!