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  1. There is no memory girl in Sun/Moon and memories are never set; memories are gen6 exclusive.
  2. Gen7 Pokemon do not have memories.
  3. relevant thread: Maybe 2047 is the 'active' flag?
  4. The Event Flag editor should really only be used once you have beaten the game to replay certain events. There's way too many things that would need to be set to ensure the game recognizes it as story-complete. There's over 3000 event flags, toggling a few will not complete the story.
  5. If you're already in HaX mode, any ability is able to be selected.
  6. No, hacked stats means the actual stat value. To export impossible EVs, you have to hold CONTROL-SHIFT-ALT and drag the preview sprite to the slot you want. Gen6+ cannot do link battles with >510 EVs, hence the obscure key-combo required.
  7. Instead of the program automatically calculating the correct stats, you can set them to whatever you want. These stats are only kept if you set to party (anywhere for Colosseum/XD), as the box storage format does not store stats.
  8. Already fixed, wait for next release.
  9. Probably a problem with how you are reinjecting the exported save file, thus not a problem with PKHeX.
  10. The current commits of pk3DS requre a 64 bit operating system as the unpack repack operates via RAM not a saved file. Large GARCs currently cause memory usage spikes which can exceed 2GB of RAM. High memory usage can also be caused by opening and closing editors (garbage collection not reducing memory usage quick enough).
  11. Read the first line of the error message: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'F:\JKSV\Saves\Pokémon_Sun\Sun Main\main' is denied. Save it elsewhere (to your desktop), then move it manually. Future releases will have a more descriptive error message... catch (UnauthorizedAccessException x) { WinFormsUtil.Error(x.Message, "If destination is a removable disk (SD card), please ensure the write protection switch is not set."); }
  12. Try SDSME https://github.com/Skareeg/SDSME/tree/master/Release Builds
  13. Try before asking.
  14. Could be one of two things: very illegal pokemon or the origin format (past gen) doesn't support legality checking. Not a bug, but you should really sort out the encounter legality first before trying to get a move suggestion.
  15. Your save file's block0 will probably be in a different location. You can get the offset by setting a breakpoint on the getIsG3SAV method and observe where it is fetching GameCode from.