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    Look at all the stability this is bringing.
      Presently, it's been reported that users that mod their 3DSs (regardless Arm9LoaderHax or Boot9Strap) have been affected by a 002-0102 ban.

    A ban of this error code is not new, with the most notable instance being when users went online with Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-launch.
    Users with this ban are able to access e-Shop, but won't be able to access their Friends list, and also not able to connect online with games.
    This ban is different from a simple Game-Sync/PGL ban; this ban affects and limits all games' online-play connectivity.

    It is not known if this is an indiscriminate blanketed banwave against all Custom Firmware (CFW) users,
    or whether there is a underlying mechanic responsible for this.

    While we are unaware whether users with CFW already have their information captured by Nintendo's servers,
    recommended actions are:
    Don't attempt any online play.  Keep your 3DS Network Switch "OFF" Do not attempt to bypass the Ban (we don't know if it'll lead to more severe action) Wait patiently for any findings (may take weeks)
    External Source: http://gbatemp.net/threads/regarding-the-recent-3ds-banwave.471781/

    Updated: For those that want to risk the pesky ban, these safeguards below could work.
    [we are not responsible if it doesn't; this only applies to people who aren't banned.]
    Streetpass MiiPlaza > Settings > Share Info => NO Streetpass MiiPlaza > Settings > SpotPass => NO Friend List > Settings > "Show friends what you're playing? => OFF Friend List > [you] > Favorite > "Choose your favorite title" => "Don't have one" System Settings > Internet Settings > SpotPass > Sending of System Information > NO Uninstall Homebrew CIA and remove their tickets, including but not limited to, FBI, JKSM, Savedatafiler, any out of region games, etc. To run other homebrew in a way that avoids illegal tickets, run them by injecting it into your Health&Safety. (that's how my HBL is running now) Use Tiksweep to remove remaining unused tickets Use GodMode9 to clear your Activity Log Use Cthulu - Cache Tool to clear your shared icon cache and home menu icon cache Launch and play every app (it'll be weird to have no activity in any of them) Using your Router's URL filter to prevent 3DS from communicating with other servers unnecessarily
    Various developers are still monitoring the situation, to identify the detection methods.
    If you got time, take part in this survey:

    “Magikarp, the fish Pokémon. In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak descendants that exist today.”
    The Pokémon Company with developer SELECT BUTTON Inc. released Pokémon: Magikarp Jump on May 16th exclusively in Apple’s Italian App Store. This means, if your Apple ID’s country is set to “Italy”, you can download this game right now.  Others will just have to wait until it is distributed elsewhere… Or, you could create an alternate Apple ID with the specified country and play this curious game too.
    As its title indicates, the featured Pokémon in this game is none other than Magikarp!  Catch, feed and train Magikarp in order to maximize its jumping power.  Jumping too high may entice bird Pokémon to swoop on your fish.
    If you would like to see what it's all about, head over to the App Store and give it shot. Nintendolife.com summarizes how you can create a new Apple ID if you’re not in the targeted country.  If you decide to play it, reply to this post and share your experiences with us.
    Check out: The Magikarp Song 
    Published by The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel on May 12, 2017
    Media Sources:  "App Store" icon and "Pokémon: Magikarp Jump" icon - Apple iTunes;  Youtube video - The Pokémon Company;  Post banner - my own creation

    Pokémon video games are played worldwide.  In fact, as of March, Pokémon X &Y is the top seller for the Nintendo 3DS console by having sold 16.11 million units.  Coming in second with 15.44 million units sold is Game Freak’s latest game: Pokémon Sun & Moon.  Released near the end of 2016, Pokémon Sun & Moon has been the center piece for this season’s competitive battling.
    For months, Trainers all around the world have been attending events such as; Global Link battles, Premier Challenges, Midseason Showdowns, Pokémon Regionals, and the much anticipated Pokémon International Championships to earn enough Championship Points (CP) in order to get invited to the 2017 Pokémon World Championships.  Battles are comprised of teams of four; subjecting Trainers to the double battle format using only the Alola Pokédex.
    With the International Challenges already being a third of the way finished, Trainers are busy refining and analyzing their strategies and possibly their teams before they battle in the 2017 North American International Championships. This is the last stop where Trainers can earn more CP before the Pokémon World Championships.  The World VGC is an invite only event; players that have earned top ranks in each rating zone and have the most CP will receive an invitation. 
    So far we have seen the European, Oceania, Latin American and most recently the North American International Championships unfold.  Listed below are the talented Trainers that placed first in each class in each event.  Congratulations to you and to everyone that has made it to the top!
    Masters: Miguel Marti de la Torre Senior: Jan Tillmann Junior: Matilda Petrasic Oceania
    Masters: Zoe Lou Senior: Carson St. Denis Junior: Nicholas Kan Latin American
    Masters: Ashton Cox Senior: Carson St. Denis Junior: Nicholas Kan North American
    Masters: Christopher Kan Senior: Alfredo Chang-Gonzalez Junior: Nicholas Kan Please take note of these particular Pokémon VGC Rules:
    Sources: Pokemon.com, Statista.com

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