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  • New Release: PKHeX 17.10.17


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    PKHeX 17.10.17 is now available!  Checkout the new details below and visit the download link above to grab a copy!


    What's New in Version 17.10.17 

    - Legality:
     - - Fixed: Gen4 Cute Charm PIDIV detection for species that change gender ratios upon evolution (Combee etc).
     - - Fixed: Gen6/7 Traded eggs change the origin version to the hatcher's version when hatched. Updated affected logic.
     - - Changed: Gen2->Gen7 and Gen2->Gen1->Gen7 transfer detection & checking improved.
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - Added: Gen1 Stationary Encounter rebattle editor.
     - Added: Gen2 RTC Reset Key can now be calculated by clicking the RTC Save Editor button.
     - Added: Gen3 Roamer editor. Thanks BlackShark!
     - Added: Gen1-3 Japanese item translation. Thanks smileynation!
     - Added: Gen1-3 German main series Item translation. Thanks Korados!
     - Added: Batch Editor can now use $suggest for HyperTrainFlags.
     - Added: Checkpoint (homebrew/cfw save reading) app auto-detection (like JKSV). Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: Can now toggle all mystery gifts in save file Used/Unused in the Mystery Gift save editor.
     - Fixed: Gen1/2 Japanese Nicknames/OTs are no longer incorrectly recognized as Korean.
     - Fixed: Gen1/2 50/50 gender detection for IV_ATK = 7. Thanks StarFisherX!
     - Fixed: Gen1/2 character encoding issues. Thanks wwwwwwzx & theSlayer & Afepoke & smileynation!
     - Fixed: Gen2 TM/HM pouch now loads/saves correctly. Thanks fattard!
     - Fixed: Gen2 G/S Korean Save Files can now be saved.
     - Fixed: Gen2 Unown alt-form now transfers correctly ->7.
     - Fixed: Gen3 GC languages are now interpreted correctly.
     - Fixed: Gen4 transferred eggs from HGSS special locations no longer reset to Faraway Place.
     - Fixed: Current Poketch app now reads from  the correct offset. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Changed: Increased form loading speed (translation now translates controls faster).
     - Changed: Folder browser now prioritizes available folders (sorting them to the top).
     - Changed: Internal refactoring for pkm loading to tabs to standardize loading routines.
     - Changed: PCD now caches the gift PKM for increased speed (Mystery Gift database or legality checks).
     - Changed: Gen1/2 save file version detection improved (can now differentiate RB from Y, and VC from emu).
     - Changed: Optimized crc method for faster save detection & saving.


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